Saturday, December 31, 2016

Graydon is Eight!

Graydon is EIGHT today!









One big thing that changed about Graydon this year is his appearance. He lost his top four teeth (among others) and with his adult teeth growing in, he definitely looks a lot older than he did last year at this time. One other thing that changed is that he has become an early riser. Some time during this past year, he realized that if he got up early and got ready quickly, then there would be time left to watch a show or play a game. We've also guided him toward using some of that time to do his devotional and read his Bible. He asked for an alarm clock for Christmas and he received one; though his internal clock is pretty set, he may not even need it. 

He is really motivated to make money, so he often does a lot of extra chores. But money burns a hole in his pocket and he really likes to get things. We don't always let him spend his money, but he is always thinking of the next thing that he wants to get. We're working on the joy of giving and also trying to explain how fleeting the excitement is when getting something new.  

He loves being silly and trying to make people laugh. And he loves to get his back scratched at night. He's great at playing with Mabel and school still comes pretty easily. He's pretty open with trying new food and cleans his plate almost every night. 

He still likes trying to build things and finds "treasure" wherever he goes. Case in point: we were at the farm this summer. While Bella and Curtis were looking at the animals, Graydon was off in the junk pile that was just waiting to be burned. "I'm looking for treasure!" And he found some! He was in heaven when we went to the building site of Auntie Mary's new house. He came back with all sorts of wood and plastic pipe pieces. The wheels in his head are always turning! Right now, he really wants to build a robot.

I am so thankful for our Grady-Boy. He brings us joy every day. Happy Birthday, Graydon! 

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