Thursday, March 23, 2017

In like a lion. . .

Our school had its annual Fun Fair. Curtis used all of the tickets he won to get these antlers. More dress up!

A huge storm blew through, knocking power out across town. School ended up getting canceled. We had our fire to keep us warm.

Mabel's in heaven - she loves getting her belly rubbed.



We celebrated Read Across America Week and read a lot of Dr. Seuss.


The school had a banquet honoring all of the 5th and 6th grade students who were on a basketball or cheerleading team. Each coach had two awards to give out. Our coach chose "MVP" and "Mental Attitude". Bella won the "Mental Attitude" award!

All of the award winners from the various teams.


Bella and I shared socks for Wacky Sock day. I'm glad she still wants to do things like this with me!

We also had a lot of fun with Crazy Hat day!

Andy bought a new car! If you will recall, he actually bought a Ford Focus back in December. After our close friend's fatal car accident, we decided that he should be driving something bigger. And this works much better for our family. We are loving our new Black Beauty a.k.a. Kia Kilps!

Graydon's teeny snowman that he made with the teeny snow that we got.

Sweet Mabel loves her bed.

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Jon Max said...

I agree that a bigger car is safer and by looking at your photos, it seems like you get a lot of snow. I have a ford Focus myself and I can tell you from experience that it does not do well in the snow. It is just not heavy enough to maintain traction. The "Black Beauty" Kia will do much better.