Friday, May 26, 2017

New Haircuts for the Boys!

Curtis really wanted to get a buzz cut. Every morning when he'd wake up, his hair was CRAZY! In order to tame it, we'd have to wet it with a spray bottle - which he very much disliked. I was against a buzz cut at first. I love his hair longer. But, it is his hair, so the final decision rested with him. Here is his hair before the big cut.

In process. . .

The end! He is still such a cutie.

And Dad was able to buzz Curtis's favorite design into his head. (The marker washed off right after.)

Graydon got a little cut too. Nothing as dramatic, but he did get a subtle mohawk.

And a lightning strike.

If ever there was a time in life for crazy hair, eight and six-years-old is it. The boys love their new cuts!

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