Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An update. . . FINALLY!!!

Sorry to all of our faithful blog readers for this long absence and lack of update. We are still without internet at our new home in New Jersey. Currently, I am typing away on Andy's labtop at Panera Bread - very thankful for their free Wi-Fi. Each day, we are getting more and more settled. . . and in the process, this place is feeling more and more like home. Everyone at the church has been so warm and friendly! We definitely feel that this is the place where God wants us to be.

As promised before, I have a few more pictures from Andy's ordination:

Bella playing before the service
My Dad, Kristen, and Bella
The Service
Andy's first benediction as an ordained pastor
The little party afterwardSome high school friends and significant others:
Left to right: Brianne & Dan Babcock with their daughter, Mackenzie, us, Brian Wedderspoon, and Angela (soon-to-be-Hanson) and Adam Hanson.
The day's festivities wore Bella out! (Of course, missing her nap may have also contributed).
After the party, we were able to catch up a little with the Golackson's! Here's Caedmon pointing to the fish!What child doesn't enjoy balloons?Big balls are also lots of fun!Lily's silly face!Andy received some really nice gifts.
~ Life in New Jersey ~
We arrived at our new home on Tuesday, July 24th. Overall, the transition has been pretty smooth. It took me about two weeks to venture out in the car on my own. Our house is in a high traffic area that is also under a lot of construction. Lots of traffic tends to make me nervous, but I'm getting used to it. We're slowly switching our PA life over to NJ. So far, I've noticed that things are just a little more expensive around here. For example, our car insurance premiums went up $100 just because we moved here. I haven't seen a gallon of milk for less than $4.65. I guess we're not in Wisconsin anymore! One interesting thing about New Jersey is that you don't pump your own gas here. That will be really nice come winter!
Bella is starting to get used to her new home. Her first week here was rough. She was extra crabby which made that time a little tough. I felt a little bad for her as she really didn't know what was going on. . . all of a sudden we were in this strange place - away from everyone that we know and love. Thank God that things have improved since then. She has already gotten pretty popular with the people at church, so that helps. One thing that has kept us pretty busy during our free time is painting this house. All of the walls were white when we moved in. This is the first place we've lived that we've had the liberty to paint, so we've enjoyed that. Some friends from seminary have even come out to help a little. Before and after pictures will come eventually. . . we're just not totally to the after part yet (but we're getting close).

Bella's continues to grow rapidly - she's almost 21 months now. I really can't believe how close she is to turning 2. Her language has started to explode recently. I've lost track of all her words now. Most of her pronunciations are pretty accurate, but there are a few Bella-isms that are kind of funny:
cars = guys
church = durch
apple = bopple
Amen = ahmay
please = peace
She loves to wave, blow kisses, and say Ba-bye to anyone who visits. Her favorite things to point out are balls, babies, cars, and buses. She's into shoes and accessories as much as ever. Imitation has become a huge thing with her lately - when I'm brushing my teeth, she wants to be brushing her teeth. If I put my hair up, she wants her hair up. If I put my shoes on, she wants her shoes on. It's really cute. I love that she wants to do what I do. She no longer wants to sit in her high chair, so she's in a regular chair now. And, she has gotten really good at using a spoon and fork. She's definitely not a baby anymore. Check out the crazy hair!~My 27th Birthday~
This past Tuesday was my birthday. I really wasn't expecting much, but it ended up being a very nice day. Andy took me and Bella out to dinner that night. After that, we went to Blockbuster to pick out a couple of movies to watch (I picked out Miss Potter and The Queen - both of which I would recommend). When we got home, Andy lit candles on my birthday pie and he and Bella sang to me. I felt so blessed as I looked at my husband and daughter. Even in this new place, we still have each other. It sounds so corny, but that is really the best birthday gift I could ever get.
Bella watches as Daddy lights the 27 candles.Me and my birthday pie!Me and Bella-Boo!It took me three tries to blow out these candles. I really thought that I could do it in one. I guess that's a sign that I am getting old.
This water fountain was my gift from Andy. It's going to go in our bedroom. The sound of the trickling water is so relaxing.If all goes well, we will hopefully have our internet at the house by the end of the week. I'm not holding my breath, we'll just wait and see what happens. Once our internet is up, I will be much better about keeping the blog updated. Hopefully I will have another update for you very soon!