Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall is here!

Our town celebrated "Heritage Days" at the end of September. Thousands of people make their way to Hope for the last weekend of September to shop at vendor booths, enjoy a variety of food, listen to live music, and participate in an assortment of activities all centered on celebrating the history of our town. The boys were part of an old-fashioned medicine show. I was working at our youth group booth at the time and didn't get to see it; but I heard it was pretty funny.




The Pioneer Village offered lots of old games and activities for them to enjoy.

They also participated in the tractor pull. Then on Saturday evening, the sky was filled with fireworks and the air was filled with songs about Indiana.Heritage Days 2016

Part of the festivities every year is the parade on Sunday afternoon. Andy and I were in it this year as Martin and Susanna Hauser. Martin Hauser was the founder of our town and was the first pastor of our church. Our high school is named after him.IMG_4703


The kids were also in the parade. Bella walked with the elementary school.

And the boys were on our church youth group float.

We're really enjoying being a part of this small town and all of its celebrations.

A new Flag Football league formed in town and Andy is one of the coaches.

Our Mabel is getting bigger!

Her favorite place to sit is on your lap.

These two have a special relationship already.

On the Friday before Fall Break, the first grade classes went on a field trip to the zoo. Many times, when I go to the zoo, the animals are often sleeping. They were actually pretty active this day. We even had a tiger come right up to the glass and open his mouth for us. Those teeth are huge! So glad for the glass that separated us!


After leaving the Indianapolis Zoo around 1:30pm, we were about five miles out when our bus broke down. We were still on a busy city highway when our bus driver pulled over. And our bus door wouldn't open! It was hot in that bus of 53 first graders and four adults. We called for a police escort to help us unload, but after 30 minutes of sweating on the bus and the police not coming, a parent who had been following the bus set out some cones and then we all exited out the emergency exit. We were close to Victory Field where the baseball team plays, so we walked there and sat under a tree while waiting for another bus to come and pick us up. We finally made it back to school around 4:15pm - almost two hours after we were supposed to arrive back and over an hour after school let out! It was quite an adventure for our first graders!

That evening, I came home from school and changed because it was date night for me and Andy! We finally got to celebrate our 14th anniversary.

We drove up to Greenwood to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a gift card, so we decided to splurge. We both ordered drinks, nice meals, and dessert. It wasn't until after we paid when we realized that we forgot to use the gift card! But we had such a nice time and our server was exceptional. She even brought out our cheesecake with a candle and "Happy 14th Anniversary To You" written on it. And then she didn't even charge us for it. Best date we've had in a while.IMG_3534

The next day was kind of windy - perfect for flying a kite. Bella has the best flyer.

Curtis and Graydon had $3 Target kites. They worked OK.

Curtis has been randomly asking to have his photo taken. This was one night after his bath.

And again on the playground at Papa and Gaga's apartment. Over Fall Break, we drove up to Wisconsin to visit with the Kilpses and Meades.

Papa hooked the boys up with some Cub Scout gear.

Papa and his Cub Scouts.


I love October.