Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feels like summer!

Check out this drooly-bubble-blowing boy. He seriously looks like this photo below about 90% of the time. Recently, he has learned how to blow raspberries; so if you're anywhere near him, you're likely to get sprayed. I have no idea when his teeth will break through, but he is definitely working on them. Whenever I'm holding his hand, he always brings it to his mouth and then bites it. For just having gums, it hurts! Bella loves to play with her little bro. Too bad that her sound effects sometimes freak him out.She's such a sweet sister though. Here she is working on an art project. Having planned activities for her has really helped with her behavior lately. It also gives me some focused time with her which is good for both of us.
Graydon loves his fingers!The weather has been in the 90s this weekend. Yesterday, we spent a lot of time at a new (to us) park. Graydon slept during the first half - which was good since he was so cranky that afternoon. It was definitely a bath night. Today was got the sprinkler and pool out. With temps like this, I can't believe that it's April.This is Bella's I-don't-want-you-to-take-my-picture-pose. The weather is supposed to be really warm for the next few days, so I see lots of sun and popsicles in our near future.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Our week started off icky and rainy but ended beautifully. We took advantage of every bit of sun and warmth that we could get. While the weather was bad and we were stuck indoors, Bella and I worked on a project together. She made some beautiful paintings and I attached them to plastic cups. We filled the cups with dirt and planted sunflowers. In about 3 weeks, we'll transfer them outside. Bella assigned a cup to each of us. You can tell which one is hers based on the fact that she wanted to "write" her "name" herself. Over the past couple of weeks, Graydon has gotten really grabby. If Bella's nose wasn't attached to her face, it would have been in Graydon's mouth. She thought this was hilarious.Guess who rolled over this week! Twice! I even caught the first one on video. Too bad our video camera isn't digital or I would have posted it. Me and my babe in the great outdoors. Daddy and Grady at Taco Bell.This boy is loving his fingers/hands/fists these days. Fiercely going in for the chomp after Daddy took the fingers out of his mouth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!

A friend and I took our kids to a local farm where the Easter bunny was hanging out. This was as close as Bella would go. Truthfully, I'm surprised she even sat with him at all. Guess she's starting to come out of her shell!

Overall, this has been a pretty difficult week for our Bella. I'll cut her some slack because she's still adjusting to being back at home and she caught that stomach bug that made her pretty miserable. But. . . Oh. My. Goodness. I was about ready to put her up for sale. I'll call this week 'Monster Phase 2' since it definitely rivals the phase we went through last summer.

Example: Bella wanted to color with markers. I set her up at the table with some markers and paper. These were not the markers that she wanted so she knocked the bucket off the table, spilling the markers all over the floor. I told her to pick them up. She refused and proceeded to throw a tantrum about how she didn't want these markers. (I gave her the washable ones and she wanted my craft ones, which are definitely not washable). Now imagine several incidents similar to this one each day, every day this week. Not fun. And, let's just say, you definitely did not want to be in our house on Easter morning when I was trying to get Bella into her dress. My ears are still ringing.

On one particular night, Bella had a grand mal tantrum right before bed. We knew that she wasn't staying in bed as we could hear her footsteps from downstairs. Both of us were too exhausted at this point to deal with her and figured that we'd just ignore her as long as she stayed upstairs. Which she did. When things got quiet, we assumed that she finally went to bed.

This is what we found at the top of the steps when it was our turn to call it a night.Saturday morning, our church had its annual Easter egg hunt. It rained all morning, so we had to hunt inside. Here's Bella and Daddy opening up her eggs to see all that she got.The slips of paper in each egg represented a prize to be redeemed. Bella ended up with a punch balloon, head bands, bubbles, stickers, books, nail polish, and of course. . . lots of candy. Graydon even got some bibs and his first Phillies hat.

In each age group, there was a golden egg secretly hidden. Look who got the egg for the little kiddies! She got a little egg trophy, a chocolate bunny, and a gift certificate to Rita's!!!
Check out this cutie pie! Jodi found this onesie that says "Mommy's little jellybean". It's perfect!
Easter Morning ~ The kids had a little program during the Sunday school hour, but after the morning we had with Bella, I had no idea if she was even going to participate. Thankfully she was totally back to normal by the time we got to church. Here she is doing her Easter recitation. She totally made up her own thing instead of saying the line she was given, but it actually made sense and was about Easter! Good enough for me.Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your STRENGTH! Bella singing with the other kids. In her Easter bonnet. We also have a hat contest/parade at church. This one turned out better than last year's. At least Bella wore this one! She won the prize for "Cutest" hat. Some of the other kids in their bonnets. Bella is in the middle.Our family after church. Isn't Graydon so handsome! Check out how much he drooled all over his vest. I should have put a bib on him; but I didn't want to cover up his cute outfit. I am so glad that Bella cheered up and allowed us to get some nice Easter photos.Graydon and his swing. Here's a few more random Graydon pics:

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Stomach Bug!

That stomach bug sure seems to be going around. I'm hearing about it all over the place! It definitely took up residence in our house this week. Andy was sick all day Wednesday and Bella was sick yesterday. I'm really hoping that Graydon and I can avoid it.

I came downstairs earlier in the week to find this.Andy bought Bella and me some roses. One morning while I was getting Graydon dressed, Bella snuck down ahead of us. Should have known she was up to something. I was so sad to see her ripping all of the petals off of the roses, but she was so proud of how pretty it looked. I suppose they are her roses and she is entitled to enjoy them in whatever way she wants. I did manage, however, to spare a few by placing the vase up a little higher.Each week, it seems that we're able to get outside more and more. On this day, it was pretty gray and overcast. I was feeling chilly in the house and just assumed that it was rather cool outside. I bundled the kids and myself up and then felt a little silly when we stepped outside to a very mild day. Bella immediatley ripped her hat, gloves, and coat off. Graydon didn't seem to mind his extra layers, so I left his stuff on. He ended up falling asleep anyway.
He's very good at blowing bubbles! Whatever he's wearing always gets drenched.
We busted out the Bumbo seat this week. It's nice to have more options of places to put him. I tried hard to get his attention for this photo, but he was very focused on Bella and Daddy playing off to the side. I forgot to mention that I heard Graydon's first giggles when we were back in Wisconsin. I think he may have let out a chuckle or two before then, but this time was unmistakable. He's also holding his head up during sit-ups. A few nights ago, he had his longest stretch of night sleep - 8:30pm - 5:05am!!! I didn't get my hopes set up too high that this would be occurring regularly, which was a good thing as he was up four times the next night. Baby steps, I guess! As I mentioned before, this kid is always soaked. Check out that drool! I keep wondering if he's going to get teeth early. Bella was never this drooly so early on. He is also constantly chomping on his fists.
And. . . look who likes the swing! I had a feeling that Grady-boy might like the cradle swing as he tends to like when I sway him in his carseat from side to side. I had my eye on these fancy swings, but they're pretty expensive and I didn't want to spend the money just in case he didn't like it. On Saturday morning, I glanced through Craigslist and found this swing in a matter of minutes. It's exactly the one I wanted and we got a great deal on it! Yippee!!! We were able to pick it up that afternoon!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wisconsin recap!

The kids and I are back from our Wisconsin adventure. All things considered, both kids did remarkably well with the long road trip. On the way out, Graydon slept a lot and Bella entertained herself pretty well up until the last 2 hours. It ended up being a pretty late night as we didn't arrive at my parents' house until about 2am. Needless to say, we were all pretty tired the next day.

Here's a few photos of my mom and brother with Graydon. This was when we were still at our house.
That evening, we had another little birthday celebration for Andy. My mom felt bad that we were going to be gone for the big day. Fast forward - in Wisconsin now. The beginning of our first week there was beautiful. Weather in the 60s and 70s. We laid Graydon on a blanket outside. The slight wind bothered him a little, but overall he seemed to enjoy the fresh air. Bella got a good chance to use up some energy. . . . . . hug a tree. . . . . . and feed Grandma's squirrel statue.My mom bought this ball pit for Bella. Somehow I managed to not get a picture of her playing in it. She had so much fun - especially when Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristen made it into a "slide" for her. As you can see here, Graydon didn't mind it himself.Bella thought that Grandma's windows needed some decoration. Graydon hanging out in the blow-up duck (which was really for bathtime). He liked it either way. Graydon with Auntie JodiUncle Aaron and Auntie Jodi. In a couple of short months, it will be their baby between the two of them. Uncle Scott playing with Graydon. Both the kids really bonded with Uncle Scott during our stay.Auntie Mary loves her niece and nephew! The second half of our trip, we stayed at my sister's house. Bella still talks about her dogs - "Tori. . . she's a good girl!"
My little loves.Graydon enjoyed Grandma's bouncy seat. Here he is studying the toys. Bella being a silly girl with the princess crown she won at Chuck E. Cheese. All my sibs (with the addition of Bella, and minus Jeff).
The girls! That's it for our trip - we had a great time! I'm kicking myself that I forgot to get photos of Lori and my dad with Graydon. Must remember that for next time.
Lookie who is three months old!!!This photo just cracks me up. You can tell that Bella is only giving Graydon a kiss because Daddy asked her to. . . and you can totally see in Graydon's expression how thrilled he is with the whole idea. Some cute photos of our little guy. . . I'll leave you with a funny Bella story. Our little lady has been asking lots of random questions lately. When I don't know the answer to something, I just tell her that God made it that way. The other night, she went #2 in the toilet and it was green. Apparently, she listens to what I say as her explanation for the green poopie was that "God made it that way!"