Sunday, May 27, 2012

Field Day

Bella's school had track and field day this past Thursday.  Parents were invited, so the boys and I went to watch. 

The scooters were Bella's favorite.  She's always happy when they get to ride them during gym class.

Friday was the kindergarten classes' "Letter People Party".  Throughout the entire school year, the kids learned their letters and phonics by meeting the different letter people.  Mr. M had a 'munching mouth,'  Mr. T had 'tall teeth',  Mr. R had 'rainbow ribbons', etc.  Bella went as Mr. W who had 'wonderful words'.  She brought a snack that started with "w":  wafer cookies.  Then all of the kindergarten classes paraded around the school for all of the teachers and older students.      

This is just a random moment when I found Bella and Graydon playing nicely together.  That always makes me happy.  

I didn't take as many photos this week, so I figured I'd add a little bit of our recent video footage. Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day and beyond. . .

Me and my three little treasures who call me "Mommy". 

I've had these frames for at least a month, maybe two.  The photos I've had even longer.  And they are finally up!  My three babies - each about eight months old. 

Morning craft time with the boys while Bella is at school.   

The "G" and "C" are hanging on the wall in our play room.

And this paper chain is hanging in our kitchen, letting us know each day how long we have to wait until leaving for our Minnesota/Wisconsin trip.  Exactly 6 weeks from today!

I haven't taken my camera out of the house in a while and it was about time to remedy that.  So I brought it with us to the park on Saturday morning.  (Bella had a t-ball game later on, which is why she's wearing her uniform). 

We went straight from the park to a birthday party and then straight to Bella's game.  Saturday was a hot day so after the game ended, we brought out the grill to cook some hotdogs for dinner while the kids played in the sprinkler.

I loved this day.  Quality family time.  Quality friend time.  Beautiful weather.

And Sunday was more of the same.  These are good days.  :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random life in May

Bella created a fort one evening.  She used all ten of our chairs (6 dining room and 4 kitchen) and the majority of our blankets.  She called it her 'castle fort'.  It was even divided into rooms.  She insisted that we keep it up that night.  We did.  Sort of.  Andy and I wanted to watch a show (we're really into Downton Abbey these days).  So we pushed everything into the dining room and then put it back before heading up to bed.  When Bella inspected it the next morning, she knew that it was different and then proceeded to make the necessary fixes.

And since we had no chairs to sit on for breakfast that morning, we ate in the fort. 

I got out the Magic Bullet one morning - so perfect for making smoothies.  I wanted to try out this banana walnut smoothie recipe that was on our yogurt container.  Pretty tasty.  Curtis devoured it.

Graydon opted for a banana, strawberry, blueberry smoothe.  His was delicious as well. 

Later on that morning, we made some Cheerios Rings for the birds.  Graydon got the cereal on no problem.  Curtis needed some assistance.  And of course, he kept eating his. 

Sleeping Beauty.  And look - there's even an apple nearby.  I guess that's more Snow White.  Anyway, I found Bella like this one late afternoon.  She was looking through photo albums and got a little sleepy.  It's very rare to see this girl asleep during the day.  So peaceful.

A friend from church dropped off this Lantana plant for Bella.  She gave her one last year as well.  It was planted in this exact spot, grew into a bush of flowers, and bloomed all summer.  I'll try to remember to post pictures of it at the end of summer.  Such a pretty plant.

You'll notice that Bella once again is wearing her brown dress.  She literally puts it on after school every day (except for when it's in the wash).  I really need to find more dresses like this one because she simple adores it.  The reason?  "It's comfortable." she told me.  Sounds like my girl.

Now that Bella is reading more, she can take over some nights during story time.  She's reading the book "Underpants Thunderpants".  This is currently one of the kids' top picks.  It has them laughing at the end every time.

This was all his doing - not my own.  But it did keep him quiet throughout the rest of the story.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Pumpkin plant and Rainy Days

Just prior to spring break, Bella's kindergarten class planted pumpkin seeds.  When they arrived back at school a week and a half later, those seeds had grown quite a bit.

And now Bella's pumpkin plant has found a place in our yard.

Good thing we got out and planted that day, because the rest of the week was a bit dreary and rainy.

So the boys became pirates.

And played with the rock letters.

Bella Happenings:  Back in January, we started reading Bella's children's Bible.  One story every night.  Earlier this week, we finished!  Next up:  'Charlotte's Web'.  

Graydon Happenings:  While we were playing outside one afternoon, Bella wanted to sit down beside me.  Graydon overheard her and - on his own initiative - went into the garage, dragged out a folding chair, and set it up for Bella.  That was such a caring, gentlemanly thing to do.  I felt so proud of him. 

Curtis Happenings:  Independent.  Stubborn.  Strong-willed.  I think those words might describe his behavior this week.  He wants to do everything himself and has a full blown tantrum if he doesn't get his way.  He's definitely a little two-year-old in the making!