Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too many trips to the doctor

After two trips to the pediatrician and one ER visit, we've seen all that we care to of the doctor this week.

On Monday evening, Bella began to complain of stomach pain - though she was pointing to her lower left rib/lung area as the source of the pain. It was manageable and she just warned us to be careful not to touch her there.

Tuesday, all day, not a problem. Later in the evening - around 10 pm - she wakes up crying in pain. I rushed to her to try and calm her and find out what was wrong. She just kept crying and couldn't stop long enough to tell me. I soothed her as best I could as we figured out that her pain had come back - intensely.

We didn't know the cause or how serious/not serious this pain could be, but we didn't want to take any chances. It was now 10:30 pm. A friend from church came over so that Andy and I could both go to the ER while Graydon stayed at home asleep.

A chest x-ray revealed some cloudiness in the area where Bella's pain was coming from. The ER doc (who Bella was terrified of) said that is may be a slight pneumonia on its way out. She was already on Augmentin for an ear infection, so that should also take care of this too.

Great. Home we go. Sleep for everyone.

The next morning, Graydon had a scheduled dr. visit to re-check his chest (he wasn't sounding too great at his check-up the previous week). He's all cleared up - which meant shots for our boy. He was a trooper, but of course they hurt his poor little legs.

On Thursday, Bella's pain resurfaced again - and it seemd to get worse. More pain that laster longer. She spent the day on the couch watching movies.

That was one thing she didn't mind.

Then evening came and she woke up crying in pain once or twice. Things were still bad in the morning. I had a fear that the pneumonia was on the way in, not out. And, since we were heading into the weekend, we scheduled a visit with our pediatrician to check her out. Again.

Our ped. said that her lungs don't sound too bad and that she may have pulled something (due to her 2-month-long-cough-that-wouldn't-go-away). That makes sense to me as she had some pretty long, hard coughing spells. Thankfully though, the cough appears to have gone away in the past couple of days. Thank you Augmentin.

She remained in pain on Friday - afraid to move around much for fear of 'hurting her stomach'. Saturday was a little better and today. . . I haven't heard a thing about it.

Now the hangnail on her thumb that is hurting oh so bad. . . that's another story.
You can't tell from the photo that Graydon is watching "Baby Signing Time", but he is. Really, this photo is a pretty amazing phenomenon.This kid has no attention for TV (which I am fine with), but when "BST" is on, he will sit and pay attention for about three songs. Bella helps him with his signs. He has mastered "all done" and once we nail down "more", I have a feeling our mealtimes will be much more pleasant.
His spoken vocabulary is growing. . . I think. We hear a lot of "Ma Ma" and "Da Da". Sometimes they are in context, sometimes not. It's hard to tell at this point. . . but I have a feeling he's on the right track.
Due to Bella not feeling so well, we bought some popsicles. I intended to share mine with Graydon (ie. I give him a few licks). He had other ideas.I'm the one who ended up with only a few licks. Score for Graydon! How can I resist when it makes him so happy?
I did a little art project in Graydon's room. He now has a "mobile" hanging over his changing table.
Well, my cheap version of a mobile. I took some photos of his bedding and then "cut" them out in my photo editing software, printed the image, cut the circles, inked the edges, then hung it on the ceiling.

Graydon absolutely despises diaper changes. As soon as I start to even lower him to the table, he starts crying. I thought that something to look at above him might help.

It kind of does. Only, now he just cries out of frustration because he can't reach the circles.

At least it looks cute.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Graydon's new obsession!

STAIRS!!! The gates have been up since Graydon started climbing months ago; but if they were closed he was distracted by other things. Not the case anymore. He will not be carried up or down the steps anymore - must do it himself (with a little assistance on the way down). I actually welcome this as he's getting heavier and my tummy's getting bigger. However, once he's let loose, he could spend all day going up and down, up and down. If I want to make a quick stop upstairs to change his diaper or grab something. . . forget it. He screams in discontent as soon as that gate clicks shut - thinking that my opening it must mean playtime. Every once in a while, I indulge him.

He couldn't be happier.If you could hear him in this photo, he'd be telling you how much he loves the stairs (in his own jibber jabber, of course). And it's even more fun when Big Sister plays too!
Bella wasn't too hip on getting her photo taken this week, but I did manage to sneak a couple while she was painting tonight. I undoubtedly felt Pumpkin kick today. It happened during church just as Andy started his sermon. Thump. . . thump. . . thump. There were definitely three, if not four little kicks. I've been feeling movement for several weeks now, but this was the strongest by far. Very cool!

I did a couple of pages this weekend. Graydon had his one-year well visit (though he is well over 13 months) this past Wednesday. He managed to escape shots this time around because of a chest cold. Our ped. actually prescribed an antibiotic to hopefully fight whatever he has. During the appointment, Bella was coughing a lot. This has been going on for about two months with her. She was on antibiotics for an ear infection two weeks ago. When the ped. re-checked Bella's ears, one was still infected. Round 2 of antibiotics for her, this time it's a stronger one. I'd love to see this cough go away. So now both kids are on antibiotics. Hopefully they are helping.

Other than that, it was a great visit. Here's the stats:
Height: 31 & 3/8 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs. 15.5 ounces (25th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 & 1/2 inches (50th percentile)

We have to go back again on Wednesday to see if the fluid in his chest cleared up. I can't wait to have healthy kids again!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots to celebrate!!!

The Olympics. . . Valentine's Day. . . Chinese New Year. . . there is a lot to be enjoyed and celebrated this weekend. Before all of these, however, our household is rejoicing in a good report from our ultrasound on Thursday!

With each pregnancy, I am cautiously optomistic as I head in to this ultrasound. While everything seems to be progressing just fine, I have heard numerous accounts of women heading into this ultrasound and receiving a blow that something major is wrong with the baby. I try to prepare myself as much as I can for the possibility of a complication (though I don't know if you can ever be fully prepared for such news); but am always relieved to hear of no red flags. The same tech that performed the ultrasound with Graydon did this one as well. Though it would have been nice for her to explain things as she went about her business, her silence did not concern me this time as it did with Graydon.

Before I show you the pics from Thursday, here is what Pumpkin looked like on Dec. 3rd. I was 9 weeks, 3 days pregnant at the time. In case you can't tell, the head is on the bottom.All of these ultrasound photos are photos of photos, which makes them less clear. We received a new printer which does a nice job at printing pictures, but it doesn't have a scanner.

Here are the newest pics! These are from 19 weeks, 3 days.

This one is my favorite.This is my second favorite. Legs and leg bones.Hand and arm. I think this was supposed to be a face shot. . . but it didn't turn out.And, here is what I look like at 19 weeks, 3 days. I think I am carrying this one a little higher than I did Bella and Graydon.And, since I'm comparing, this baby seems much quieter than Graydon. I've probably been feeling movements for 3-4 weeks now, though I have not had that defining moment yet with this pregnancy was it was like BAM! that's the baby. I'm getting more light flutters and swooshes, if that makes sense. I'm pretty sure that's how it was with Bella. Graydon was very active and often made his presence known. I hope this means that Pumpkin will be more of a mellow, laidback baby. This Momma can dream, right!

Onto other things. . .

When the number of brown bananas in the freezer gets to about 5, then it's time to make banana bread. Bella loves baking projects. Here is the little Betty Crocker.It always turns out so great when she helps me - probably because that batter really gets stirred and beaten when Bella gets to it.

We DVR'd the opening ceremony for the Olympics on Friday and then watched it on Saturday morning, since it was on pretty late. Bella got into the Olympic spirit.While the athletes from each country entered the arena, we marched around the house waving our Olympic flags and blowing our flutes (straws). This was Bella's idea.

Graydon celebrated in his own way.Looks like he missed the lesson on flag etiquette. Poor little guy has another cold and he's teething. . . which means that he constantly has snot coming out of his nose and drool coming out of his mouth. He's a mess these days, but oh so cute.His fourth bottom tooth along with a top molar broke through about a week and a half ago. The other three molars are just below the surface and will hopefully make their appearance soon.

"It's Happy Valentine's Day!" Bella said this more than once today. She was very excited.

Bella's gift: Valentine candy and some lip gloss.There was a sucker on the other end of these lips.Graydon's gift: sippy cups and Gerber graduates fruit snacks.Andy's gift: candy bar bouquet. (Bella painted the vase). Andy surprised me with new bedding for our bedroom. We've been on the hunt for a new look and he found something really nice. . . and it was a great price! Can't wait to see how it all looks when we get it set up! He also lined up babysitters for earlier in the day so that the two of us could get some alone time together. We had such a nice time.

Tonight we're going to enjoy a chilled (non-alcoholic) beverage together and watch some Olympics. Sounds wonderful to me!

Happy Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


We were slammed with another snowstorm this weekend! This is turning out to be a record-breaking winter for our area. Never before in recorded history has our area been hit with two storms with over 20 inches each. We're not complaining - we love the snow! This is the first winter that we've actually been able to get outside, make snowmen, and go sledding.

When Bella saw all of the snow on Saturday morning, she couldn't wait to go play in it. We had to wait, however, because it was still a blizzard outside. To appease her a bit, we let her bring some of the snow indoors. Snack time!Delicious!Graydon wanted some too!He also approves. When the snow started to taper, the real work began: shoveling. Andy practically had to shovel himself out our back door. There are normally two steps leading to the ground right there.And, notice the mountain of snow behind him.

Now he's just being silly. He jumped off the fence and landed in the mountain. I don't think this photo really gives justice to the actual amount of snow out there. Maybe this one does a little better. . .

Bella is actually standing up in this picture.Andy and I watched (most of) the documentary, FOOD, Inc. and it has really affected what we buy and what we eat. The main purpose is to shed light on the processes our food goes through before reaching our grocery bag. I definitely recommend it because I think it's info we all have the right to know.