Saturday, October 29, 2011

On two wheels!

She tried. And fell. Her confidence broke a little bit.

That was a few months ago. But on Wednesday she was ready to try again.

And she did it!

I came out just after and got the sweetest surprise of watching her ride her bike all the way across the field.

The boys took turns on their tricycle. (We really need to get them some bikes that are not pink or purple).

After another ten minutes of field riding, Bella was ready to take it to the parking lot. By this point she was riding as if she'd been doing it all along.

Curtis was pretty proud of his big sis. 

And so are we!!!

Now we just need to convince her that it's time for a bigger bike.

AND, in case you were wondering about her outfit. . . it was Mismatch Clothes Day at school. OK!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Our Sunday School group went pumpkin picking on Sunday afternoon.

We enjoyed a hayride.

And looked for the perfect pumpkin. 

Graydon couldn't decide.

And Curtis was just happy to be outside.

Sneak Peak:  A Pumpkin and Gorilla.  My Moms Club Halloween party was on Friday.  I can't resist a kid in a costume.  So much cuteness!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When Bella turned five, we had a pretty big birthday party for her.  Lots of kids!  The result?  Lots of presents!  I strategically hid a bunch of them in the attic and reintroduced them throughout the year.  One Saturday morning, Bella went snooping around in the attic and came down with this Easy-Bake Microwave.  At the sight of it, I knew that this was how we'd be spending our morning.

We began with the cakes - pouring and mixing and spooning out batter.

Graydon was getting a bit too involved for Bella's liking, so we occupied him with some Play-Doh. 

Cook time: 30 seconds

And the result: the cutest, sweetest, littlest cakes.

She made them for Daddy. . .  after sampling a little bit herself, of course.


I'm afraid that's all I have for pictures this week.  But here's some other stuff that we've been up to:
  • Graydon is wearing underwear full-time while we're at home - though I'm not quite brave enough to take him out without a pull-up on just yet.
  • Curtis has molars in his mouth now
  • our wagon was stolen
  • a different wagon reappeared  few days later
  • Bella had two playdates at two different friends' houses - without me
  • a stomach virus invaded our home affecting all of us except Graydon
  • Bella had picture day at school
And the big one which has pretty much occupied a lot of my free time these past couple of weeks is my new Etsy store!

I'm selling my crochet hats.  This store is my plan for getting enough money to take our family to Disney World.  After being open for just a few weeks, I've already reached 10% of my goal!  So far so good!   

Friday, October 07, 2011

It's that time of year again. . .


I love fall.  And I love apples and pumpkins.  And I love, love all of the desserts and drinks that come from these two things.

Apple picking is one of my favorite fall traditions.

And if any of you felt that I've been slacking on the pictures these past couple of weeks, this post will more than make up for that. 

This photo was originally of just Bella and Curtis.  At the last minute, Graydon jumped in and posed.  So rare.  If only Curtis had kept his eyes open. . .

Hayride!  Andy had quite the time trying to keep Curtis still.  He is a walking and climbing machine these days.

On to the picking. . .

Graydon nominated himself as keeper of the bag.  No matter how heavy it got, he was determined to carry it.

Time for some apple pie!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

So happy together!

NINE years!!!!

1,000 Gifts continued. . .

#93. . . rainbow colors splashed in the sky from the sunset on what was a cloudy day

#94. . . my three children laughing hysterically around the dinner table

#95. . . September mornings at the park -- less hot, less crowded

#96. . . a tea party with Bella

#97. . . dinner with friends

#98. . . one-on-one time with Graydon - kind of rare for my middle child

#99. . . encouraging notes from friends

#100. . . our Aster plant is blooming

#101. . . fall decorations up all over the house

#102. . . a cool shower after a morning run on the treadmill

#103. . . the scent of pumpkin candles in the house

#104. . . seeing all of Curtis's teeth when he laughs

#105. . . making jack-o-lanterns out of construction paper with Bella

#106. . . laughter and tears over morning coffee with friends

#107. . . Curtis trying to feed Graydon his sippy cup

#108. . . Bella taking  care of Graydon when he wasn't feeling well

#109. . . Graydon wanting to wear his dinosaur costume for days in a row -- so cute with that tail dragging behind

#110. . . listening to Bella read

#111. . . extra quiet time in the morning when all three kids slept in!

#112. . . 9 years of marriage!

#113. . . a husband who I love being with