Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Days

This was the month of field trips!

I went with Curtis's kindergarten class to the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

We learned about all of the foods from the farm that go in to making a pizza. Then the kids got to make their own pizzas!

We were stuck inside on a rainy Saturday. Bella was bored. This was the result.

She painted little owls on Curtis's big toes. And he let her! The smaller left toes were "black eggs" and the smaller right toes were "white eggs". When the polish chipped off later in the week, Curtis proclaimed that "the eggs hatched!"

Bella and Tyler were feeling silly on another rainy day.

Graydon's first baseball game of the season. He's playing real baseball now. Three strikes and you're out! He gets on base most times, but there have been a couple of strike-outs that made him sad. But he's doing great!

Curtis's first t-ball game of the season. He has improved so much this season and can often hit the ball without the T!

Graydon's class was reading a story called "The Stone Garden". One day, they took a walk to the rock garden in our church's cemetery to explore something similar to what they just read about.

They were both a little chilly and wanted to wear my coat.


Mother-Daughter dinner at church on Mother's Day weekend.

Bella really pampered me on Mother's Day. She made me eggs and toast for breakfast and a chocolate shake after church.

Mother's Day was cold and rainy. We all changed into warm, comfy clothes after church. I totally forgot to get pictures. Then I meant to get photos later in the day, but forgot again. Bummer!

Oscar selfie.

The rain stopped later in the day, so we were able to plant our flowers.

4th grade field trip to the Indiana State Museum. All day, I just kept counting to 6. I'm always afraid that I will lose somebody's child when I'm chaperoning a field trip. We did have a wanderer in our group, but everyone made it back to school safe and sound.

Our rhododendrons are blooming!

Our school had its Academic Night last week. Each grade presented something. 1st Grade presented their "book-in-a-bag" book reports.

4th Grade did a wax museum of famous Hoosiers. Bella chose Jaycie Phelps, a gymnast from Indiana who was a part of the women's team that took gold in the 1996 Olympics. Very fitting for our little gymnast. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on the blog yet, but Bella began gymnastics classes a few months ago. She sailed through the early classes and now is in Intermediate. She is eager to learn how to do a back handspring.

The Kindergarteners presented their writing scrapbooks from the year. We were so busy looking through his book that I forgot to get his photo with it.

Several of the kids from school were in a play this past weekend called "Hot Fudge Pickles". I took the kids to see it. It was set up as a dinner theater and at each table was a little bowl of hot fudge picklers. We all gave them a try.

Curtis was not a fan.

Graydon was also a bit unsure. (Poor Graydon has really itchy eyes due to allergies. His eyes have been so red lately. We got him some allergy meds, so hopefully that will help.)

Bella and her cousins have been learning to play the autoharp. They performed "Jesus Loves Me" and "Amazing Grace" while others sang along. They did great!

Tomorrow is the last day of school. We are all so excited!!