Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Portraits

Our last portraits were taken when Curtis was just about to turn one. These kids have changed a lot since then and it was time to document that!

The afternoon started out a little rough.  Curtis, who rarely naps anymore, fell asleep about fifteen minutes before we needed to leave.  He was all dressed and passed out at the top of our staircase.  We let him sleep as long as we could.  When we woke him up, he let us know in no uncertain terms that he was not happy and proceeded to cry all the way to our photo shoot location. 

I was nervous.

We met the photographer and started with this shot.  Curtis could be grumpy and it didn't matter.  Graydon, on the other hand, was making silly faces during this one. 
 photo IMG_3381_zpsb6b7e32a.jpg

I had my doubts about how these photos were turning out.  Curtis was pretty grumpy at first and our photographer commented on how Curtis was going to make her work for his smiles. 

Our whole photo shoot lasted maybe 30 minutes tops.  I was thankful for her time, but somewhat doubted that we got many good shots based on Curtis's mood. 

I don't know what kind of magic she worked, but we got some smiles!

This is my favorite of our whole family.  I'm getting a canvas of it for sure.  
 photo IMG_3393e_zps275f2506.jpg

I love these following two of the kids as well.  One of these will go on canvas too - I'm leaning towards the black and white.  And for as difficult as Curtis was, Bella and Graydon made up for it by easily giving some awesome smiles. 
 photo IMG_3408e_zpsd9136bf6.jpg

 photo IMG_3417e_zps78ce2677.jpg

 photo IMG_3419e_zpsc745d269.jpg

 photo IMG_3428e_zpse20d6f95.jpg

 photo IMG_3433e_zps0906d7b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3434e_zpsf5973b56.jpg

 photo IMG_3438e_zpse3549759.jpg

 photo IMG_3441e_zps965d6f3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3448e_zps473f1775.jpg

 photo IMG_3453e_zps0132d28b.jpg

 photo IMG_3466e_zpsb3d5c174.jpg

 photo IMG_3469e_zps524b85ee.jpg

 photo IMG_3493e_zpse35d506f.jpg

Can't wait to hang these all over my house!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Farm

We've made two visits to the pumpkin farm so far this season and still have one to go!

The first one was with the boys' playgroup.
 photo IMG_2830_zps231e653d.jpg

 photo IMG_2832_zpsd620e6d5.jpg

 photo IMG_2838_zpsb2384659.jpg

Look closely at Curtis's eyes - you can still see leftover blue from his body coloring episode the day before. 
 photo IMG_2841_zps95d7d7d1.jpg

 photo IMG_2844_zps2ffad8ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2854_zpse178482b.jpg

We went back to the same farm three days later with a group from our church. 
 photo IMG_2877_zps12217a73.jpg

 photo IMG_2884_zpse38beca3.jpg

 photo IMG_2885_zps237831a7.jpg

Curtis got a splinter in his finger at this point, so he wasn't interested in any fun pictures. 
 photo IMG_2899_zps9bea8a0c.jpg

So I stepped in. 
 photo IMG_2900_zps1a86fd97.jpg

 photo IMG_2902_zpsbf7e9786.jpg

 photo IMG_2903_zpsc6e8c99a.jpg

Graydon had another scheduled visit to the pumpkin farm with his preschool class.  It was supposed to be today but has been postponed due to rain.  By the time this last visit is complete, we'll have 11 pumpkins on our front porch!  I think we'll be doing some carving pretty soon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life: Cell Phone Pics

Our favorite dinner spot when we feel like a little splurge: Bobby's Burger Palace!
 photo IMG_1495_zpsfdff9117.jpg

 photo IMG_1494_zps94f4e175.jpg

The books for our ladies' book club arrived!
 photo IMG_1493_zps5c433f85.jpg

A bag of balloons.  Hours of entertainment for my kids who love balloons.  87 cents well spent!
 photo IMG_1492_zps1a4071ce.jpg

Bella trying on costumes at the Disney Store.  Such a magical place. 
 photo IMG_1496_zpsa5ca16bd.jpg

Boys coloring on our Tuesday morning play date. 
 photo IMG_1497_zps2aec9e15.jpg

I went on a field trip with Graydon's preschool class to the Aquarium.  The turtles were his favorite part.
 photo IMG_1423_zpsc517facb.jpg

 photo IMG_1498_zps7676244a.jpg

  photo IMG_1499_zps7512d240.jpg

 photo IMG_1478_zpsb79d66f7.jpg

I think he enjoyed the train ride there just as much!
 photo IMG_1500_zps910518d4.jpg

Curtis and I made some caramel corn together one Friday morning while Bella and Graydon were at school.
 photo IMG_1501_zps874c27c5.jpg

Selfies with the kids.  This is me making more of an effort to get in front of the camera with my kiddos.
 photo IMG_1502_zps96196f46.jpg

 photo IMG_1476_zps351a3cb9.jpg

 photo IMG_1503_zps3345ba55.jpg

 photo IMG_1477_zpsa995d0be.jpg

Andy's interest in archery as resurfaced after many years - and he's getting the kids involved too!
 photo IMG_1504_zpsc67913b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1505_zpsdf593cdd.jpg

 photo IMG_1506_zps5c2162f2.jpg

My hydrangeas turn a pretty dark pink every fall. 
 photo IMG_1507_zps528eb991.jpg

Morning reading time. 
 photo IMG_1508_zps7558748c.jpg

The boys' new hats for the season. 
 photo IMG_1487_zps6a9b8136.jpg

Somebody got a hold of my cell phone. 
 photo IMG_1525_zpsbd4af2e4.jpg

And somebody else got hold of a blue marker. 
 photo IMG_1523_zps1fbd4f3d.jpg

"I didn't have any paper." 
 photo IMG_1518_zps92ff4c26.jpg

"I was just trying to be a super hero." 
 photo IMG_1524_zps4639d51f.jpg

Love this crazy life!