Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life through the cell phone lens (April-July edition)

The card Bella designed for teacher appreciation day.

Graydon made a cross out of his lunch cheese. 

One of many visits to the park!

My heart always warms whenever I find one of them like this. 

Prince Graydon, Prince Curtis, and Princess Bella were officially asked to be a part of Auntie Mary's wedding day!

 Barefoot in the garden.  Graydon is in his element. 

Curtis likes to help out a bit as well.  I can't believe how teeny these plants all look.  They are so huge now and we've already picked lots of peppers, green beans, onions, and tomatoes. 

Splashing around at Miss Nancy's pool!

Curtis grinds the flax seed for our granola bars. 

I found the kids all looking through their scrapbooks.  I'm so happy that they are already enjoying them!

We recently joined our local pool and have spent many summer days there.  Swimsuits have been the kids' main article of clothing this summer. 

Off to camp for three days!  Bella's first time!!!!!  

It is not an uncommon thing to find Graydon digging holes in our backyard.  He is usually "planting a flower" (usually a weed that he pulled from another area in the yard).  This huge weed was growing in our rose bushes.  We didn't realize it was a weed at first as it blended right in.  Moments after Andy clipped it, I found Graydon digging a hole to "plant the tree".  

Cracked driver's side mirror - a casualty from letting the kids help wash the van. 

Graydon took this photo of us in our church's basement. 

Bella just after she earned her green band at the pool!  She had to swim two full laps across the pool - freestyle one way and back stroke the other.  This band now gives her access to the diving board and slide!

On the last day of the boys' swim lessons, their teachers took them to the 12 foot area to jump off the diving board.  I was pretty nervous watching since the majority of their lessons were held in the 2 foot pool! 

Both boys did it!  I couldn't believe it!!!

Way to go big boys!!!

If you give Graydon paper, markers, and scissors, he can be occupied for hours.  On this day, he secretly grabbed a straw from the kitchen and made what I have been calling a "pom pom". 

A busy week for me.  I had a huge order from my shop: 6 hats and 6 pairs of slippers! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation Bible School Week

We saddled up our horses for a rip-roaring good time at VBS! 

Here's a few pictures from the kids this week.

It's always a treat to hear the kids sing the songs they learned.

They are all such adorable little buckaroos! 

We love VBS!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, USA!

I intended to take lots of photos at our parade. But sometimes it's nice to relax, enjoy the floats and music, and chit chat with friends.  So I did that instead.

Our kids were decked out in the shirts they made with Auntie Jodi last year. They also wore their fire cracker hats that they made and waved their little American flags. No photos of that, but I'll remember it. (And if I forget, I can always peek at last year's photos!)

The kids collected a bag full of candy!

Our friends live pretty close to the parade route, so we spent the afternoon at their house for a BBQ. That's always a great way to celebrate!

In the evening, we lit up some sparklers.

Happy birthday, America! I'm very thankful to call this country my home.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

No training wheels!!!

Graydon can now ride a two-wheeler!!!!!

Andy got a sense that he was ready one Saturday morning and decided to take the training wheels off. They practiced in the grass for just a bit and he had it!

So proud of him!

And let's not forget Curtis on his brand new bike.  It's actually called a balance bike - a bit lower to the ground and no pedals.  He's already getting so fast!

Way to go, boys!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Curtis's Third Birthday Celebration

Curtis's birthday began with a special breakfast smoothie (with whip cream!)  I think that Curtis is in a phase right now where he would have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could.  Whenever I make them, I always have to make twice as much for him as I do for everyone else.

It feels so good to be three!

We recently became members at our town's pool, so we spent the day there. I love that Curtis's birthday is in the summer. So easy. We ordered lunch there which was a treat since I always pack our lunch.

And we bought the kids snacks - another treat! I usually bring snacks from home. If the kids want to buy snacks at the pool, they have to use their allowance money. But not when there's a birthday to celebrate!

Dinner: Chick-Fil-A! Curtis's choice.

Please don't laugh at this cake. Cake making is definitely not a talent of mine, but on the eve of Curtis's birthday, I had put together a relatively presentable cake. When we woke up on birthday morning, the frosting had all melted off and sat in a pool all around the cake stand. (I frosted a completely cooled cake, by the way). I re-frosted it and put it in the refrigerator, only to have it happen again! What you see here is my third frosting attempt (using the same frosting since I only bought one container). Kind of pathetic. But Curtis didn't seem to mind. And thankfully it tasted better than it looked!

Make a wish. . . blow out the candles!

Curtis seemed to forget that presents were involved with birthdays. So when we brought them out, he was ecstatic!

Finally, the big gift!  Andy had ordered it and it actually arrived on our doorstep while we were at Chick-Fil-A.  He quickly put it together while we ate our cake. 

"A motorcycle!!!" Curtis exclaimed!

He's definitely a fan!

We topped the evening off with a viewing of Madagascar 3, but the fun continued the next day when Curtis could take his new "motorcycle" out for a spin.

Happy birthday, Curtis!