Saturday, June 30, 2007

More fun family time

My mom bought Bella a little pool and the weather was perfect for a little swim. This was actually quite monumental to see Bella in the pool since she's had some water issues for a couple of months now. We started off slow and before long she was ready to get in and splash away! The next day, we went over to Andy's Aunt and Uncle's house to swim in their big, heated pool. That also went great! Later that evening, we went to the Concert on the Square in Madison. We all had a fun time!Bella charmed her way into a few spoonfuls of ice cream from Uncle Jerry. Then she made her way over to Grandpa and Grandma. She also made a new friend that night! On Saturday, we headed to the zoo. The animals were pretty active. Lately, Bella prefers to push her stroller rather than ride in it. Checking out the lion exhibit. We headed back to my parent's house yesterday and enjoyed a family picnic today. Bella spent the majority of her time playing on the slide - it's her new favorite toy. Great-Grandpa Jim helped her out a little bit. Time to relax!Sidewalk chalk!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun Family Times

Mary and Scott had the family over for dinner on Wednesday night. We had yummy BBQ chicken and enjoyed time together. It's times like these that I know I will miss when we're in New Jersey.

Bella helping Auntie Jodi eat her food.

Bella and Auntie Lori. Grandpa Mike just walked in the door during this picture and that's what Bella is looking at.Chatting with Auntie MaryLori and her boyfriend, Ryan.My two youngest sisters: Jodi and LoriOur little fam: it's really hard these days to get Bella to look at the camera when you want her to. Jodi bought Bella this new outfit with the cute headband. We love it!

Friday afternoon, we headed out to visit with Andy's family. Last night, we were eating some corn on the cob with dinner. I cut some of my corn off for Bella to eat, but I ran out and Bella wanted more. She gave Grandma this look that practically demanded her corn. Grandma gave hers to Bella and she ate it right off the cob. I had no idea that she could do this! Then Grandpa gave her the rest of his - one for each hand!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eye teeth!

Bella has been quite the bear these past couple of days. We took her to the park the other day and she absolutely loved the swing. She did not, however, love when it was time to go home. This sweet little girl carried on with a crying spell all the way home and continued after we arrived. Nothing would console her, so we just put her down for a nap. Little things would trigger her bad moods and it wasn't fun for any of us. We were pretty sure that teething was the culprit and finally her top two eye teeth popped through. She's still working on the bottoms, but at least she's our happy girl again. Here she is at the park before the whole tantrum fiasco began. My mom brought up some of our old toys for Bella to play with. Instead of looking through the books on the table, Bella likes to throw the books off so she can climb up and look out the window. Tennis anyone? Yesterday, we played tennis with Aaron and Jodi. Well, Andy and Aaron played tennis and Jodi and I played with Bella. Andy just might get his wish of Isabella becoming a tennis player. She loved playing with the racket and balls. She already seems a little more coordinated that her mama!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home in Wisconsin & Father's Day!

This past week has been a busy one. We finished packing up our apartment and moved our stuff into the parsonage of the church. Oh wait. . . I just realized that we haven't shared our big news on the blog. . . Andy accepted a call to serve as pastor at a church in New Jersey. We've known about this for a while but have had to remain hush hush until the news was official and announced at the church. We were really hoping and praying to head back to Wisconsin so that we could be near family, but thankfully we've been able to get pretty excited about how things have worked out. Everyone that we met from the church has been really friendly and it seems like it will be a great fit for us.

Bella's kept busy playing the piano while we packed things up.She saw me sweeping and wanted to join in on the fun!What a great helper I have!This past Sunday, we had several friends over to pack up the moving truck and then we delivered our stuff to the house on Monday. That night, we camped out in an empty apartment and then took off for Wisconsin on Tuesday. On the way home, we stopped to visit our friends, the Grafs. They have two little boys - Bella had so much fun with both of them. While we were there, they treated us to a visit at the zoo. Here we are with Heidi. I wish that we took more pics from our visit with them. We arrived at my parent's house on Thursday and have been enjoying lots of family time. One extra treat was our chance to visit with some great friends - Tim & Abby McBride and to meet their cute kids, Sam and Hannah. We both happened to be in Wisconsin at the same time. With us living out east and them in Florida, it's pretty tough to get together. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from this visit. As we pulled away from them, I realized that we didn't take any pics. I must be slipping in this area.

Today we celebrated Father's Day. Bella is so blessed to have such a wonderful Daddy. She sure loves him!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Family Visit!!!

My mom and sister came out to visit us for a few days and we had a lot of fun! Things were a little crazy as we're in the middle of packing everything up, but we always enjoy any family time we can get! Bella got a couple of new outfits. I love this dress and the bandana on her head! She looked adorable in it! You can also see that she is holding my red toothbrush. She has two toothbrushes of her own but insists on using mine. This is one battle that I'm not going to fight. If she really wants my toothbrush - she can have it. I guess I have my choice of two little pink ones now. :P
Me and my serious girl.That's more like it! Bella had many silly moments during the week and she gave us lots of laughs!Snuggling with Auntie Jodi - so sweet!Grandma brought her a new chair. She loves to drag this thing around the apartment. Some kids have a blanket that they're attached to, Bella seems to have a chair. Another glimpse of her cute outfit!She already looks up to her Auntie!Jodi and Bella!Playing outside the library - Bella's favorite place!Resting with Grandma - Bella took an hour and a half nap on my mom one afternoon.GRADUATION DAY LINCOLN MEMORIALWE CAME AS TWO. . .
The next two days are moving days for us and then it's off to Wisconsin for a few weeks! We are looking forward to being home for a little while. Due to our travels, my blogging may not be as regular, though I will try my best.