Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Curtis Michael!!!

Curtis is FIVE today!

Look at how much he has grown. . .






Turning five is always a pretty big deal in our house.  This is the year when each of our kids get their first friend birthday party.  To me, the first five years kind of represent "my time" with the kids, the time when they are mostly home with me and before they start elementary school.  Before I had kids, five years seemed like a long time.  But now I see how fast it goes and how much happens in that little window.

Curtis reached many milestones this past year: he began preschool, learned to ride a bike, and learned how to swing on his own.  We're still working on his letters.  He's pretty much there with the uppercase, but still gets some of the lowercase confused.

He shares a room with Graydon and prefers it that way.  It brings him comfort at night to have big brother on the bunk above him as well as his lantern night light next to him.   His favorite toys are legos, puzzles and Connect Four; and video games are always a hit, which I still have to limit with him.  His favorite TV shows are "Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, and Ultimate Spiderman.

Curtis is definitely my pickiest eater, but when he finds a dish that he likes, he eats a lot! But he's unpredictable, a dish that he likes one day he may not like next time, and vice versa.  He's fun and silly but also has a shy, reserved side that comes out around new people and new situations.  But once he's comfortable, watch out!  Crazy Curtis!  In a good way.  He enjoys life.

One of my greatest joys is watching my kids grow up.  Here are some of the highlights of this past year of Curtis's life. . .

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer, so far. . .

The hill in the backyard makes a great place to set up the slip n' slide.


Bella had a harder time getting down the hill.  I think next time, I'm just going to buy a big tarp and load it with some soap and water.  That should do it!

The kids all wanted to sleep in Graydon's bed one night.  That didn't last too long -- big surprise!

We've been playing "musical beds" in our house it seems.  Here is Curtis in Bella's bed.

And Bella in the guest room.

The boys made houses out of big boxes and slept in those one night.

We had VBS at our church from June 14-19th.  We helped with some decorations.  Here is Bella and a friend making icicles out of cut-up water bottles.

Some of the decorations.

Our theme was 'Everest'.  Here is the scene starting to come together.


Andy was "Trek - the Rockrambler"!

I was a crew leader that week.  I managed to snap a photo of Graydon during one of the rotations.

Here is Bella during one of the games.

Curtis was in a separate area with the preschoolers and I was with elementary kids, so I didn't really see too much of him.

The kids gave their offering by putting their money "down the waterfall".  The money went towards purchasing Bibles for kids in Nepal.

Bella became motivated to do some sewing.  First she sketched her idea and, with some help from me, she made her first Pillow Pal!
IMG_1539 (1)

Graydon and Curtis saw what she made and wanted one too.  They sketched their designs as well and then chose their fabric.  Bella made Graydon's pretty much on her own and I made Curtis's.  

Meet "Leaf", "Mr. Stuff", and "Oscar Jr.".

They have become bedtime favorites.
IMG_1565 (1)

The produce fairy visited us this week.  A friend from church was unable to take some of her items to the market one day, and we benefited from it!  Beautiful fresh flowers. . .
IMG_1541 (1)

. . . and lots of veggies!
IMG_1542 (1)

Bedtime stories.  Graydon has become an excellent reader!

Father's Day!  Sundays have become pretty busy with church in the morning and church again at night.  We finally celebrated that evening around 8:30pm.
IMG_1594 (1)

Mondays are always much more relaxing around here since that's Andy's day off.  We decided to go raspberry picking on this particular Monday.




IMG_1599 (1)

IMG_1601 (1)

IMG_1604 (1)



IMG_1606 (1)

All this for $6!
IMG_1607 (1)

Later that evening was the boys' last t-ball game.

They got trophies!  Graydon was super thrilled - he told several people "This is my first trophy!"

Both boys had a great season!

Graydon's become interested in getting stronger.  We've found him like this a few times this week.
IMG_1566 (1)

Check out the muscles on these guys!
IMG_1622 (1)

Monkey pile on Mommy!
IMG_1624 (1)

The kids seem to have gotten hold of my phone a bit this week.  (And Bella's photos from her iPod always end up on my photo stream since our devices are connected).  Here are some kid selfies and photos taken.

IMG_1481 (1)

IMG_1483 (1)

IMG_1484 (1)

This next batch was taken by Graydon one afternoon.



IMG_1558 (1)

IMG_1559 (1)


He also showed me a photo he took of his butt.  I deleted it and told him that you shouldn't take photos of your private parts.  Later as I looked at photos on my computer to prepare this blog post, there was his butt on my photo stream!  Just goes to show that once a photo is out there. . . it's hard to truly delete it!