Sunday, February 24, 2008

We got our snow!!!

Friday morning we woke up to a fresh batch of snow! Bella couldn't wait to get outside and play in it!
She did end up eating quite a bit of it!
And enjoyed it very much.What better way to end a morning in the snow than with a cup of hot cocoa!Bella is doing so great this week. Her sleep schedule is back on track - no more night wakings. It's amazing how good life can feel when your child is getting their sleep. On Friday night, we went back to Bethlehem to visit with some friends. It was my first time back there since we moved. I haven't gotten too nostalgic for our time there, but once I was back, I realized that this will always be a special place to me because it is where Bella spent her earliest days.

I have a few pics from our time in Bethlehem, but I used our Kodak camera and I currently can't find the cord. Unfortunately, you're missing out on a picture of Andy looking like a Who (from the Grinch) with grapes stuffed in his mouth. I know you're really disappointed. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sick again!

The sickness saga continues. Monday morning, Bella woke up at 6:15am - very early for her. She was miserable. She didn't have a temp but her cough was still icky, her nose was still runny, and she was still cranky. I called the doctor's office. Unfortunately, it was extremely busy that day and they couldn't fit us in. (This is where an Urgent Care would really come in handy if they had those out here). They did, however, call in a prescription of cough syrup for us. The syrup helped, though Bella didn't like taking it at all. That morning, Bella threw a big fit while I was trying to get her dressed. Instead of putting clothes on her, I just wrapped her in a bunch of blankets and laid her on the couch. Shortly after laying her down, I glanced over to see that she had fallen asleep. I was shocked. She never falls asleep anywhere besides her crib. I was a little concerned when I remembered that she didn't even have a diaper on (again, drama from the morning) but figured that it would be easy clean-up with our leather couches. Thankfully, during this hour-and-a-half nap, she didn't have any accidents.
After she woke up, things started to go a little better. However, at dinnertime she started to get really clingy and upset. Since I had to get dinner going, I couldn't hold her. I just wrapped her in her blankies again and laid her on the floor. After chopping up my onions, I was again surprised to look at her and see that she had fallen asleep again, this time on the kitchen floor! Poor baby.By Wednesday, she really seemed to be on the mend. I hosted my mom's club Valentine's Day party. Our house was full! I meant to take more pictures from the party but I underestimated how busy I'd be during it. I did manage to get one (blurry) photo of Bella and another little boy flirting with each other. Thursday was pretty good - we laid low and had some fun moments.Things took a turn for the worse on Friday. She woke up from her nap very unhappy. By the evening, her temp spiked again. That night she slept horribly and was up crying almost every hour. At 3:30am we brought her into our room. I called the doctor again on Saturday morning and we finally got her in. Here she is asleep on the couch before the appointment. What is usually such a rare occurrence has become quite normal this week. She even fell asleep on me while we were waiting in the doctor's office. By the way, she kept her glasses on throughout the whole appointment. She was adament about wearing them and I wasn't about to argue with her over it. The doctor looked at her ears and could tell right away that they were infected - the right one pretty badly and the left one mildly. We headed back to the phramacy and picked up another two prescriptions: Amoxicillin and ear drops. The rest of the day was pretty awful. Bella was just not herself - very inconsolable. First she wanted mommy, then daddy, then blankets on, then blankets off, and on and on. . . I think she was just so uncomfortable and achy and she was trying all she could to make it better and nothing was working.
I'm happy to report that today has been so much better! Looks like the medicine is doing its thing! Bella has been so happy, smiley, and playful. It feels like I haven't really seen this side of her in weeks. I'm so glad to have this Bella back.
Last week I mentioned about how we've been demoted from the pink chair at bedtime. This week we are also not allowed to read anymore. Bella does it. (Well, more of a describing what's on the page). What cracks me up is that she acts like a little librarian. She 'reads' the page and then flips the book around so that we can see the picture.So happy - even when getting ear drops!I was excited that it snowed here a little this week. Too bad that it was just a light dusting that was gone in an hour. I keep hearing about how our family back in Wisconsin just keeps getting pounded with snow. We've hardly had any here yet. I was watching the news this week and saw that, by this time of year, our area usually has about 12 inches of snow. Throughout the whole winter, we've only accumulated 2 inches so far. Then they dragged the map over to Madison, WI where they've had 76 inches of snow this season which is 38 inches above normal! Wow! I wish we could have taken some of that - I want to build a snowman with Bella. I was telling my mom that it's a good thing I never bought her any snowpants - she wouldn't have any use for them!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sick Again

The big story in the Kilps household this week is that our little girl is sick again. During the Super Bowl last week, we noticed that her nose was starting to drip a little. What started as a little drip has turned into an icky, nasty cold complete with a painful sounding hacking cough, a constantly running nose that is getting raw from all the wiping, and interrupted naps/bedtimes. I'm going to try to get her in to the doctor tomorrow. This is the longest, most severe cold that she has ever had and I want to make sure she isn't developing bronchitis. Here she is working on a puzzle. She likes to take one piece out and fit in back in again. Then she proudly says, "Good job!" While I was working on some crafts, I let Bella play with my stamps. I tried this a few months ago and she didn't really get the concept. Now she does it really well!Because she hasn't been feeling well, we've laid pretty low this week. Lots of laying on the couch and watching Baby Einstein or VeggieTales.My bad mommy moment of the week: Andy took our star down from the front porch and put it in the living room. I left the room for a minute and came back to find that Bella had unplugged the outlet cover and then plugged the star in. She gave herself another "Good job!" Note to self: put something in front of that outlet.Whenever I'm at the sink for anything, Bella will push a chair over and then get up so that she can "wash dishes". I'll just fill a little bit of soap and water in the sink and give her a plate or bowl to work on and she just loves it! At the time of the picture, I was making some banana bread. I was going to let her be my little helper by stirring the batter, but she was more interested in the dishes. *I made this apron out of a dish towel. Got the idea from!

Bella has been going through an independent streak lately. For example, I'll go to put her shoes on and she'll get all upset and cry "No! Bella do it." So I let her try and then she gets all frustrated because she can't do it and ends up throwing her shoes and starting a tantrum. There's been a lot of drama/tantrums this week - no doubt most of it is because she hasn't been feeling good. Still, it's not fun for any of us.

Another area where she's showing her independence is at bedtime. Bella has a little pink chair in her room and, at nighttime, I sit in the chair with her on my lap and we read books together. Lately she has decided that Mommy sits on the floor and Bella sits on the chair. I guess I've been demoted.

I'll end this on a positive note: Bella went to the nursery at church all by herself and she didn't cry at all! This is a first and a great step in the right direction!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fun Activities

I've been on a more deliberate hunt for fun indoor activities. This cardboard house was the first one we came up with. The box was from our travel system. It was just sitting empty in the attic. I think an oven/dishwasher box would have been even more fun to work with, but this seems about the right size for Bella.
She's been helping me put clothes in the dryer for months and now she has graduated to the washer. Emptying the dishwasher and sweeping also rate high on the list of chores she enjoys.Here's another fun activity that I found at (thanks again for the site, Claire). Just attach some clear contact paper to the wall and let the kid stick random stuff to it to make a collage. When it's complete, just seal it up with another layer of contact paper. Here's Bella's finished product.
My mom's group went to a pizza place and each kid was able to make their own personal pizza. (Bella decided that she just had to wear my sunglasses through most of it).Some of the ingredients didn't make it to the pizza.The kids each had a balloon tied to their chairs. Bella really wanted me to untie hers so she could play with it. I wanted her to wait so that it didn't float to the ceiling. A little drama ensued, but she calmed down relatively quickly. When it was time to go, I untied her balloon from the chair and tied it around her arm. As I was putting her in the car, the balloon came untied and floated away. Bella was so sad and I felt so bad for her. Thankfully, I had some balloons at home that worked as a great substitute. She even took this balloon to her room at naptime and tucked it in to her doll bassinet. Playing in the kitchen.I know that this photo is super close, her hair is a mess, part of her face is cut off, and her expression is not necessarily 'happy', but I still like it. I decided that it was time to change some of the photos in our frames. Bella thought that the frame was a stylish headpiece. Saturday morning was a very lazy morning for me and Andy. We both kind of just laid around on the couches while Bella tore up the living room! Here she is admiring the mess!Bella's two favorite things right now:

"Pocket shirts" and "lipstick"She is way into wearing any shirt that has pockets. It's an added bonus if Mommy and Daddy are also wearing "pocket shirts". The pockets make a convenient place to store her "lipstick" for those moments when she needs to reapply (which is about every two minutes). It it a requirement that every blanket in her crib accompanies her to the living room after naps and bedtime. When she wakes up, the first thing she says is "Mommy! Mommy!" to get me in the room. The next thing is "living room", which is where she wants to go. And the third thing is "blankets with" because she wants to be near them at all times. I think they are also her secret weapon to get to me stop taking her picture.The weather hit the 40s yesterday and today, so we ventured out a little bit. Bella thought it would be great to lay on the ground. I guess she missed playing outside.
We had a fun time watching the Super Bowl tonight. The commercials weren't that great and the game was pretty boring until the fourth quarter, but then it got really interesting. Finally, a team that I was rooting for has won a game! It has been a while for me. I'm glad that the underdogs won the game!