Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trip to the Shore and a Surprise Visit!

Andy's annual Pastor's Retreat at the shore was this week. Families were invited, so the kids and I tagged along. We are slowly turning our kids into beach bums. Bella could live at the beach - she loves it! Her little feet don't sit still for a minute. The crashing waves produce such a thrill in her that she wants to spend every minute playing in the water.
Graydon was happy in the sand. . . . . . until he proved that he couldn't be trusted to not eat it. Andy and Bella ran down the beach. Even with my zoom as far as it could go, they were tiny. This photo reminds me how little we are in this big world. During one of the meeting times, the kids and I hung out downstairs. Big Sister Bella wanted to snuggle with Little Brother Graydon. I couldn't ask for a better big sis for Grady. She is so attentive and gentle. She tries so hard to make him happy and is often successful. She also keeps him in line with a gentle, "no, no Graydon" when he's trying to get at something that he shouldn't have. And she's always happy to get some extra snuggle time with him. Not to mention she has lots of patience for his hair pulling, face grabbing, and sloppy kissing.There's a happy boy! Back at home. . . he is a difficult boy to feed cereal/pureed food to. He's always grabbing for the spoon. He could have one spoon in each hand and will still let go of one to grab the spoon that we're using. Such a stinker. A fun package from Grandma Debbie arrived this week! Here's Bella sporting one of her new outfits and new pom poms. Graydon got a new cowboy outfit. Here's the hat. He kept trying to take it off, so I needed to keep his hands occupied. That's where the tag comes into play.Still grabbing for it anyway. I love this one. And it was just begging to be tampered with. When we got back from the shore, there was a surprise waiting for Andy. He headed through the dining room, ready for relaxation after our car trip. The room was dark, very unassuming. Then just as he headed through the opening towards the living room. . .WELCOME HOME PASTOR ANDY!!!!!!!!!!! Josh jumped up from the couch and surprised Andy. Here's a reenactment of their reunion. Josh and Andy became friends while we were in college. They still keep in touch as often as they can, which can be a little difficult since Josh and his family live overseas. Andy hadn't seen Josh in over two years. He and his family are back in Wisconsin for a short break before they return again at the end of the year. Andy was pretty disappointed because, though Josh was back in the states, he was in Wisconsin and we were in New Jersey. Our next trip to Wisconsin won't be until after they leave. Little did he know that Josh and I have been conspiring for the past few weeks for a surprise visit. The surprise went off without a hitch and the two had some great hang-out time.

Here are the BFFs: Josh and Andy
Thanks for the visit Josh!!!

A couple more scrapbook pages:
Something I don't want to forget: Bella has been into role-reversing with me lately. She is "The Mommy" and I am "The Bella". Today was Rally Day at church with a lunch to follow. Before I even realized it, Bella had gone through the line and got my lunch: a hotdog, potato chips, and macaroni salad. She then went on to get her and Daddy's plates. "Because I'm the Mommy." she said. Such a sweet girl.


The Josephs Family said...

Awesome! I heard from Josh that you were planning a sneak attack on Andy. So glad that the visit went well. I can't believe how big Graydon is getting, and of course Bella is adorable as ever! Have a great week!

Kreuser Family said...

Lol omgosh I love how you made Grady look like a southern cowboy with a pipe!! Tooo funny!