Wednesday, March 23, 2011

As promised. . .

I took some pictures of Curtis!

Eight months seems to be my magic age to get nice portraits of my kids.

It was a warm afternoon, Graydon was sleeping, Bella wanted to play outside, Curtis was in a good mood, etc. I decided to go for it. If this had been more planned, Curtis would have been wearing a nicer outfit. But since this was spontaneous and all of Curtis's clothes were in the bedroom where Graydon was sleeping, we had to make do. Such is the life of the third child.

I'm hoping to open up an Etsy shop in the next few months to sell crochet hats that I make. The money I make will go into our Disney World fund. Anyway, I wanted to get some photos of a couple of the hats. They are actually more Graydon-size hats, but he is less than cooperative with the camera lately (always).

Curtis isn't exactly mobile yet, so he really doesn't have a choice.

Doesn't he look like he's about to jump out from behind the tree to sneak attack someone with that stick.

You wouldn't believe the time I had trying to keep grass/dirt/twigs out of his mouth.

Two days later, I put up a black sheet in the kitchen to get these shots.

And here are my other two babies when they were eight months old.

Bella's was taken at JC Penney and Graydon at Portrait Innovations. 

I'm just as pleased with mine. 

And I love how much money I saved!

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Mary said...

WOW...Curtis and Bella are almost identical. Very good job on the photos. Yours turned out just as nice.