Monday, November 26, 2012

The Holidays are Here

Some friends joined us for our Thanksgiving feast.  They were preparing a lot of the food, so I figured that I'd try to at least make the table look nice and festive.  Bella and I made the napkin holders together out of some fabric, string, and buttons I had in my craft stash.

After our friends arrived and our bellies were full, we sat at the table and enjoyed some nice conversation.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I looked through the dining room into the other end of the living room and this sight caught my attention. . .

What a mess!

Thanks to Google, some ice, a cotton cloth, and a hot iron, we got this all cleaned up.

And that's all the photos I took from our Thanksgiving day.

Friday arrived and we had some hunting in store - Christmas tree hunting!  This was our first time ever getting a real tree. 

We found our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Here's one that caught our eye. 

This is it!!!  We found our tree!!!

The boys were pretty interested in the farmer cutting down the trees.

When we finished picking out our tree, the kids took advantage of the farm's play equipment.

All loaded up and ready to go!  Such a fun day.  :)

And here's our tree in the living room.  It looks so much bigger in here than it did at the farm!

Bella was so excited to decorate the tree.  She even put the ribbon bow in her hair so that she'd look like a present.

Christmas music played in the background.  The kids each put up their own ornaments.  Decorating the Christmas tree is always such a special family time.  And this year - we got to do it twice.  Just after getting into bed on Saturday evening, we heard a CRASH!  Andy went downstairs and, sure enough, our beautifully decorated tree fell over!  We secured it for the night and then Andy fixed it the next day.  But all that meant that at least half of the ornaments needed to be rehung!  So I put the Christmas music on again and went to it.  Now I am happy to say that our tree is up, decorated, and secure!

Between the melted candle and the down Christmas tree, we've had enough holiday bloopers for the week! 


Kreuser Family said...

Oh my...that candle mess makes me have the heeby geebies! Glad you got it resolved!!

Love the tree! Looks like picking it out was a fun time :-D

mary said...

What a mess, im glad you got that up. Red of all colors.