Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

We knocked out our Valentines on the weekend before Valentine's Day since our weeknights can get crazy!

I had the kids make the same Valentines this year.  So much easier.

They signed their names on the back.  I didn't leave room for those in the design.  Oops.

Sporting their pink thumbs!

I couldn't decide on one Valentine treat for our family, so I made three.


We got some cake balls at a dessert auction and devoured them.  So I decided to make some more.  They're kind of a pain to make, but definitely worth it.



Bella made cards for everyone.  She made Graydon a toolbox with little coupons inside saying things like: "I will play with you." "I will help you with something." Super sweet.

She made Curtis a heart-kitty card.  I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog yet, but Curtis kind of has a thing for "kitties".  And he likes to pretend that he is one.  It all started last summer when Graydon was pretending to be a dog.  He played the part of "kitty".  They both drank from bowls that Bella placed on the floor.  And I guess it kind of stuck.  He brings up "kitties" SO MUCH and likes to refer to himself as one.  He has since earned the nickname "Curtis-Kitty".  It only made sense for Bella to make him a kitty card.

And she made one for me and Andy too. :)

We surprised the kids with little gifts.  Graydon has been enjoying the show Lion Guard, and specifically the character, Bunga.  Back in January, he said that he wanted to get a Bunga toy.  Christmas and his birthday had just passed, so I told him that he could buy it with his own money, but that he'd have to wait.  He chose a date and then put "Graydon Bunga toy" on the calendar.  He was quite surprised and excited to get his Bunga toy early and as a gift.  Bunga is a Honey Badger and he stinks like a skunk (on the show).  Thankfully, our Bunga doesn't stink!  

Whenever we take long trips in the car, Bella gets headaches and often complains that the boys are making too much noise.  So we got her some ear muffs.  She'll still hear noise, but hopefully it won't be as bad.

Curtis got a voice changer.  This one is a bit louder than I realized, but he's having a lot of fun with it!

Andy got me some flowers and I bought him a bleacher seat for when we go to basketball games.

And he surprised me by telling me that we're going to get a fireplace in the living room! I've always wanted a fireplace and it is the only thing that our house is missing.  I'm so excited!


Jodi said...

Omgosh!!!! I am SO jealous!!!! That Valentine's gift will be hard to top haha just kidding! That will bring so much comfort and joy for many years to come!!!!

mcbenetti said...

That is so sweet!