Sunday, July 24, 2016

The County Fair

Bella was a busy girl leading up to the county fair. She spent a lot of time at the farm working with her sheep, Sofie.

This isn't the greatest photo, but here is Sofie arriving at the fair!
 photo IMG_4108_zpsm2bqdij9.jpg

One of Bella's friends from school was showing some pigs, so they took a bit of time to see each other's animals.
 photo IMG_4110_zpszcxllvgj.jpg

We drove back and forth from the fair for several days so that Bella could care for Sofie. (Thankfully, some friends from church brought their camper to the fair and they fed Sofie in the evening so that we only had to make one trip out each day).
 photo IMG_4114_zpsggg7ii9u.jpg

This is the pen where Sofie stayed while at the fair.
 photo IMG_4121_zpsrxf1rrsk.jpg

On the morning of the sheep show, Sofie got the spa treatment: a hair wash and hair cut.
 photo IMG_4124_zpsvahtbqbs.jpg

 photo IMG_4125_zpsswxhoymw.jpg

It's time for the sheep show!

Before the actually showing began, they had Lil' Wranglers where kids who were too young to actually show an animal could take one for a walk around the pen. With some assistance, both Graydon and Curtis participated.
 photo DSC_0566_01_zpssn6y5bup.jpg

 photo DSC_0567_01_zpsqkyiuxrs.jpg

 photo DSC_0570_01_zps3vxyrsiy.jpg

 photo DSC_0571_01_zpss7kfbko4.jpg

Bella and Sofie right before she went out to show. Bella was a bundle of nerves and excitement.
 photo DSC_0576_01_zpszcmjuowd.jpg

Here she goes!
 photo DSC_0584_01_zps0jeuecte.jpg

 photo DSC_0586_01_zpstvjyi38p.jpg

 photo DSC_0594_01_zps989f3wbs.jpg

 photo DSC_0597_01_zpsjrinjbul.jpg

The sheep show lasted for several hours (Bella was probably in the pen for a total of 15 minutes). Since that would be too long for the boys to sit still, Andy took them on some rides when Bella wasn't showing. It worked out great that $15 wristband was on the same day as the sheep show.
 photo IMG_3150_zpsbxftou9o.jpg

 photo IMG_3151_zpsogby5kbk.jpg

 photo IMG_3152_zpsisbqdnw3.jpg

Bella did great, especially for this being her first time showing, and especially for not having grown up on a farm. We were so proud of her and are happy that she could have this experience. She came away with a blue ribbon and a red ribbon.

After the sheep show was finished and Bella fed Sofie, she was now free to have some fun at the fair. My parents were here (I meant to get a photo of them with Bella and, in the busyness of the day, I completely forgot). She got a wristband and went on lots of rides. Our evening was cut a little short as a storm came in, but definitely we got our money's worth for the wristbands.  We left the fair and got some pizza for a late dinner and were finally home around 10:30pm.

Everyone was pretty tired from the busy day. Bella and I were at the fair for about 13 hours that day! But Graydon is the only one who fell asleep on the car ride home.
 photo IMG_4127_zpsvasz026i.jpg

The next day, the kids and I went up to Wisconsin with my parents for some extended family time!

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