Thursday, June 01, 2017

The last days of school!

Graydon and some friends at the final 9-week convocation. (They were all dressed a little unique because their class was going to visit the one-room schoolhouse after the convocation).

Graydon was named a Hope Jet Pilot!

One Jet Pilot is chosen from each classroom every quarter and recognized at this convocation. The Jet Pilot is a student who exemplifies our JETS pledge.
J - Just be respectful. I treat others the way I want to be greated.
E - Encourage everybody. I can do my best and so can you.
T - True to yourself and others. I will always be honest.
S - Stay safe and focused. I will pay attention and keep my hands and feet to myself.

We are the Jets!!!

This quarter's Jet Pilots!

Both Bella and Curtis were chosen earlier in the year. So all three kids were Jet Pilots this year! Have I mentioned that we have really great kids!

The next day was the awards ceremonies. (Curtis was also celebrating his pretend birthday, which explains the crown.)



He was recognized with a Certificate of Completion, Jet Pilot award, and was a Passport Winner all 4 quarters.

Next up: Graydon!


He was recognized with a Certificate of Completion, Jet Pilot award, Passport winner all 4 quarters, and Excellent Attendance.


Graydon was a little upset at first because his envelope of certificates dropped inside the bleachers.

But a friendly custodian retrieved them for us.

Bella's ceremony was later that afternoon. I neglected to get any photos of her walking across the stage, but she was recognized for a lot. She received a Certificate of Completion, Jet Pilot award, Best Citizen (3 years in a row!), Excellent Attendance, A's Honor Roll, Student Council, Math Team, Girls Basketball, and Welcome Wagon.

And then there was finally the last day of school!

Bella was a little emotional at the end of the day. She has always had wonderful teachers, but she really connected with her teacher (and the other fifth grade teachers as well this year) and she is really going to miss them. All three kids had great teachers and great school years. The last day is always a little bittersweet. I felt it too as a teacher's aide having to say goodbye to all of the first graders that I've worked with all year.

But now it's time to enjoy our summer!!!

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