Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Flowers Wedding Weekend

We travelled to Wisconsin for the weekend because I was in a wedding. The weekend went fast, but we had a lot of fun visiting with friends and family.
On Friday, Andy had an interview at Lake Forest Hospital where he hopes to participate in their chaplaincy program this summer. The hospital is located about seven miles from my mom's work place, so they would be able to car pool together, if it all works out. I spent the morning with my mom at work (it beat sitting at my parents house all by myself). That evening, we had the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We managed to get a little lost while trying to find both locations. Eventually, we got there and everything worked out well.
Saturday - the big day!!! The wedding was beautiful and Jenny was the picture-perfect bride. I am really glad that we were able to be there for her big day. It was also a lot of fun to catch up with friends that we haven't been able to see for quite a while.
Since we were busy with the wedding for most of the weekend, we knew that time with family would be limited. But, on Sunday, all the brothers and sisters (minus Kristen who is up at school in Oshkosh) got together for steaks and potatoes. I love every chance I get to spend time with my family. We also had a great visit with our friends, the Golackson's, who came down to Kenosha to see us. Their daughter, Lily, just turned 10 months and gets cuter and cuter every time we see her.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from Sunday, but here are a few of the wedding pictures.

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