Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just another week. . .

This has been a typical week in the Kilps house - nothing new, exciting, or out-of-the ordinary to report. Every day brings us closer to Andy finishing up all his work - he's almost there! We're getting excited, but our excitement is a little tempered because we don't know what the next step is yet. We know that we'll find out eventually, but sometimes it's just hard to be patient.

Bella finally started signing 'more'. That is probably the first sign that we tried to teach her - even before we made the decision to deliberately teach her sign language, we were doing that one. She's also starting to do 'all done' at times. A new development for Bella is that she has become afraid of baths. I don't know what happened - she has loved baths for quite a while. She's fine with me turning on the water and she enjoys throwing her toys in, but as soon as it comes time for her to get in, she freaks out. I'm somewhat at a loss. . . she needs to get clean, but I don't want to traumatize her. I gave her a sponge bath the other night - not her favorite thing, but not as bad as the bath since it was much quicker. I'm sure this is just a passing phase.

Bella's also starting to climb onto the couch in her room more often. She did this a couple of months ago and then seemed to forget that she could do it. Today she kept climbing over and over again. She hasn't quite figured out how to get down gracefully. After diving off the couch face-first and having a really hard landing (she is now sporting a little bump on her head), I thought she would have learned her lesson. That didn't happen. Soon after she was feeling better, she was back at it again - trying to get down face first. She'll learn - I just hope it doesn't take a lot more bumps before that happens.

Here she is having fun on the couch after she just climbed up! We haven't used our exersaucer in months, but it still stays put in our living room since we have nowhere else to put it. Today, Isabella expressed some interest in it, so Andy sat her down right on top. She seemed to enjoy herself for a little while.

So much fun! - by the way - those objects on the side of her mouth are graham crackers, not her teeth. She does have teeth in these areas, just not that big.

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Lori said...

shes one smart cookie...i can't wait till you guys come to wisconsin!!