Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kilps Family Visit

Andy's parents spent this past week with us. The extra set of hands sure came in handy with holding Graydon, playing with Bella, and making meals. Andy and I even got to have a date night - dinner and a movie. I think the last time we went to a movie together was when Bella was one month old. Definitely overdue! This week went fast, but it was nice to spend time with family. Here's some of the pictures.
For over a week now, I have had a dairy-free diet and it really seems to be helping Graydon. He seems so much happier. Less gassy. Sleeping better. Smiling more. He's like a whole new baby! Giving up dairy is not easy for me, but if it makes my little man feel better then it is so worth it. I pray that this continues because it's been wonderful.

Graydon sure is growing. As I look at these photos it's obvious how much he has changed already. His face is filling in and his hair is falling out! This baby stage just goes too fast. Sometimes when I'm rocking with him, I'll just smell his head or hold his hand or kiss his cheek - anything I can do to soak in the moment and cherish it. He won't be a baby forever so I'm determined to make the most of this time that he is.

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Kurt and Jenn said...

Karen, I'm so glad that Graydon is doing better with you cutting out dairy. My friend Mollie told me to suggest that to you when I told her about his reflux, but with our recent move to Sun Prairie I just forgot, Sorry. I'm glad someone else suggested it and it worked for you though, I'll have to let her know. I'm lactose intolerant so I definitely feel ya when you say how hard it is to cut out dairy, it totally is especially for us Wisconsin girls. Mollie's daughter had reflux, and has allergies to quite a few things including milk, wheat and soy. YIKES so she knew a lot about that stuff. Glad you guys are doing well. Love and miss you, Jenny q