Monday, April 06, 2009

The Stomach Bug!

That stomach bug sure seems to be going around. I'm hearing about it all over the place! It definitely took up residence in our house this week. Andy was sick all day Wednesday and Bella was sick yesterday. I'm really hoping that Graydon and I can avoid it.

I came downstairs earlier in the week to find this.Andy bought Bella and me some roses. One morning while I was getting Graydon dressed, Bella snuck down ahead of us. Should have known she was up to something. I was so sad to see her ripping all of the petals off of the roses, but she was so proud of how pretty it looked. I suppose they are her roses and she is entitled to enjoy them in whatever way she wants. I did manage, however, to spare a few by placing the vase up a little higher.Each week, it seems that we're able to get outside more and more. On this day, it was pretty gray and overcast. I was feeling chilly in the house and just assumed that it was rather cool outside. I bundled the kids and myself up and then felt a little silly when we stepped outside to a very mild day. Bella immediatley ripped her hat, gloves, and coat off. Graydon didn't seem to mind his extra layers, so I left his stuff on. He ended up falling asleep anyway.
He's very good at blowing bubbles! Whatever he's wearing always gets drenched.
We busted out the Bumbo seat this week. It's nice to have more options of places to put him. I tried hard to get his attention for this photo, but he was very focused on Bella and Daddy playing off to the side. I forgot to mention that I heard Graydon's first giggles when we were back in Wisconsin. I think he may have let out a chuckle or two before then, but this time was unmistakable. He's also holding his head up during sit-ups. A few nights ago, he had his longest stretch of night sleep - 8:30pm - 5:05am!!! I didn't get my hopes set up too high that this would be occurring regularly, which was a good thing as he was up four times the next night. Baby steps, I guess! As I mentioned before, this kid is always soaked. Check out that drool! I keep wondering if he's going to get teeth early. Bella was never this drooly so early on. He is also constantly chomping on his fists.
And. . . look who likes the swing! I had a feeling that Grady-boy might like the cradle swing as he tends to like when I sway him in his carseat from side to side. I had my eye on these fancy swings, but they're pretty expensive and I didn't want to spend the money just in case he didn't like it. On Saturday morning, I glanced through Craigslist and found this swing in a matter of minutes. It's exactly the one I wanted and we got a great deal on it! Yippee!!! We were able to pick it up that afternoon!

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Mom Benetti said...

Glad to see that Graydon has more options to keep him happy.