Monday, August 16, 2010

Sesame Place!

We met up with our friends at 2:45 pm - which meant that we informed Bella about our outing around 2:00 pm. A few weeks prior, she went to Sesame Place with these same friends. We didn't go - it was just her. Her first big outing without us. She talked about all of the fun she had and wanted all of us to go sometime. "You will love it!" we heard over and over.

Upon arrival, she became the unofficial tour guide; pointing out all of the highlights from her previous trip.
The day was so HOT! A quick dip in the wading pool was just what we all needed.
With the little guy attached to me, I just got my feet a little wet.With the exception of the one time I woke him up to eat, Curtis slept on me the ENTIRE time! That night, he slept for 8 hours!!! It was his first time sleeping through the night. (It was unfortunately very short lived as the past two nights he's been up every hour).

Andy took Bella on all of the rides. It was a pretty crowded day which meant lots of lines. Here they are in line for the lazy river.Graydon watched the parade of Sesame Street characters while Andy and Bella were in the water.Here they come!The evening ended with a roller coaster ride.

Bella was one happy little girl!

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mary said...

I think bella is going to tower over andy in a few years. Lol