Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wisconsin photos

If I'm friends with you on Facebook, then you've already seen most of these photos. But, I do have a few in this mix that will be new to everyone.

One of our first nights in town, we went over to Jodi and Aaron's for some pizza.

"Uncle Suck!"

I'm not trying to be crude with that name. It just happens to be what my kids call Scott while they are learning to talk. Occasionally, it did come out as "Uncle Sock". But either way, this one has the potential to stick.

The kids enjoyed playing with their aunties!

And Bella worked on her shooting skills.

Her target? The fish tank.

On Saturday afternoon, some of us went to Monkey Joe's. That place was filled with bounce houses and slides. And PEOPLE! Definitely a popular hangout for the kiddos!

That place wore me out. And I wasn't the only one.

Later that evening: dinner at Mary's!

This little lady was one of our main reasons for the trip. We couldn't wait to meet our newest niece, Rose Lynn Benetti!

Here's a bunch of silly kids. This was the first night when all of the cousins were together. They are at such great ages to play together and it really is fun to watch. (And you never know just what they'll get in to).
The next day was Mother's Day!

Here is my mom with all seven of her kids! Can't remember the last time we were all together on Mother's Day.

We also took one of just the girls.

And of my mom with the grandkids.

Andy's parents came down for a visit too!

The weather was a bit chilly (Wisconsin hadn't yet received the memo that it's spring)! But the bounce house kept the kids pretty entertained.

Swings are always a good time too. . .

. . . especially for Bella now that she can do it all by herself!

More photo ops:

 Ava came over while Jodi was working. 

They played hard.

We were all so happy when the weather started to warm up!

But it cooled off just in time for us to go to a Brewers game.

We ended the trip with a big birthday celebration for Sydney and Ava.

Another Wisconsin trip for the memory books.  I already can't wait for the next one!  (Although I could do without the long road trip with three kids).

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