Friday, October 07, 2011

It's that time of year again. . .


I love fall.  And I love apples and pumpkins.  And I love, love all of the desserts and drinks that come from these two things.

Apple picking is one of my favorite fall traditions.

And if any of you felt that I've been slacking on the pictures these past couple of weeks, this post will more than make up for that. 

This photo was originally of just Bella and Curtis.  At the last minute, Graydon jumped in and posed.  So rare.  If only Curtis had kept his eyes open. . .

Hayride!  Andy had quite the time trying to keep Curtis still.  He is a walking and climbing machine these days.

On to the picking. . .

Graydon nominated himself as keeper of the bag.  No matter how heavy it got, he was determined to carry it.

Time for some apple pie!

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mcbenetti said...

Bellas hair is getting so long!!