Thursday, February 06, 2014

January Cell Phone Pics

The boys' playgroup took a field trip to the post office.

It's cookie time again!  I'm the cookie mom for Bella's troop.  Our basement is currently filled with cases and cases of cookies. 

While putting the boys to bed one night, Curtis put a sticker on Andy's face.  Andy forgot all about the sticker until AFTER he got back from picking up a few items at the store! 

When it's too cold to play at the park. . . go to Barnes and Noble!  Curtis likes the trains. 

Curtis has been very interested in helping out in the kitchen lately.  I let him butter up his toast.  Notice what has become of the butter in the dish. 

He wanted to help with the soup one night.  But he couldn't chop veggies and I didn't want him splashing them into hot water.  So I told him to transfer the veggies from the board to the lid.  Sometimes I need to make up jobs. 

Curtis's solution to the whipping winds and blowing snow on one of our many snow days. 

Bella built a few different snow forts on this particular day. 

Graydon didn't last all too long.  I think he's more of a warm weather outdoorsman. 


Later in the day, Bella and Curtis went back out for round two.  I wasn't feeling it - so I watched from inside the warm house. 

Well-visits for our older two.  Graydon didn't want a gown - or his photo taken for that matter.  Both kids had hearing and vision tests - this was Graydon's first time.  And he had to get FOUR shots.  He tried so hard to be brave, but the tears came as he cried "that really hurts".  Even Bella got some sympathy tears in her eyes for her little brother. 

I think the theme of January has been SNOW!  The past three winters out here have been super mild with hardly any snow, so we had it coming.  Bella has already had FOUR snow days!  I think it's kind of fun, but most people out here cannot wait for spring!   


mcbenetti said...

Poor little guy! Thats rough. I wish we had snow days as an adult.

Anonymous said...

For Read Across America Week this year on Wacky Wednesday, Bella should wear one boot and one shoe to school like the past 2 years! :)