Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello March!

Sorry for the blog silence these past couple of weeks.  A little bit of laziness coupled with my lack of picture-taking can be blamed for that.  But here's a little bit of what we've been up to.

One Friday night, Bella and I (along with her Brownie troop) participated in '40 Winks with the Sphinx'.  It's a program held at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia where you camp out in the museum gallery where the sphinx is located.  The evening began around 7pm and included archaeology trivia, hands-on learning, and a guided flashlight tour.  

Thought you all might like this one - it's a real mummy.  Apparently, mummification doesn't always involve wrappings.  It's just a general term for the process of preserving a body.  This one ended up being naturally mummified in the burial process.  This is a 1500-year-old mummy.  She looks to be about 30-40 years old when she died of apparent natural causes.  She was buried in the fetal position and if you look closely, still has some of her hair on her head.  Some of the girls touched the mummy.  Bella opted not to. 

A little sleepover selfie.
This was right before lights out - which wasn't until midnight!  Bella got super sleepy halfway through the flashlight tour and fell asleep pretty quickly when it was finally time.  For as tired as I was, sleep did not come easily to me.  I probably tossed around for two hours before I fell asleep.  It didn't help that I was super thirsty throughout the entire evening, which meant that I drank a lot of water and ended up having to get up and use the bathroom - which wouldn't have been a big deal if it didn't mean walking through a maze of sleeping bags to make my way down a long hallway and then another one.  Then there was the issue of other parents snoring.  With 180 people sleeping on the floor of a museum gallery, there's bound to be some snoring.  I knew I should have packed my earplugs!  Sleep aside, it was still overall a pretty neat experience and some fun bonding time with my gal.   

Not sure what Graydon was thinking.  One might assume that he'd never had an orange before. 

Dentist time.  Here's Bella getting her flouride treatment at the end of another successful visit.  Still cavity free! 

No cavities for Graydon either! 

Curtis didn't have a visit.  Mine came the next day and Andy the day after that.  (We just weren't able to squeeze in all of us at the same time.)  Out of everyone, I'm the one that ended up with a cavity.  I was so upset!  I can't exactly remember the last time I got one, but it was either late elementary school or early junior high.  Either way, a long time!  My memories of getting a cavity are not pleasant and so I am filled with dread.  I will be happy on the evening of April 3rd when I can put this all behind me. 

We took the kids to the Ash Wednesday service this year.  I figured they were all old enough to sit through without any major issue - though they did stay up a bit past their bedtimes. 


Pajama day at the boys Thursday morning playgroup. 

I knew that he was being a bit too quiet that afternoon. 

Graydon's preschool had a Father/Child night.  So while Andy and Graydon were out, Bella, Curtis, and I had some ice cream and watched Phineas and Ferb.  And I remember thinking to myself how interesting this evening felt.  Usually, when I'm down to two kids, it's usually Graydon and Curtis.  Having Bella and Curtis alone together is a pretty rare dynamic.  But it was fun to see how they interacted when it was just the two of them. 

While they were out together, Andy and Graydon painted t-shirts.  Good father/son bonding time. 

Bella went to a birthday party and got her hands and toe nails painted.  Then all of the girls made cute flip flops.  Such a cute party idea and Bella had a lot of fun. 

I'll try to do better with taking photos/updating the blog.  Maybe this slightly warmer weather will help with that.

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mcbenetti said...

That orange is too funny. And I probably wouldn't have slept at all in the museum. Like at all...