Thursday, February 05, 2015

Frozen on Ice

Sorry about the blog silence these past few weeks. We haven't been up to much of anything. Each day is a little of the same: get up, get dressed, school/work, chores, homework, dinner, meetings, etc. Nothing too exciting to report on. But this past weekend, we took a step out of the ordinary. The kids and I drove up to Chicago to see 'Frozen on Ice' with my sisters and nieces.

We arrived at the Embassy Suites a few hours before everyone else.  So we partook in the hotel's Happy Hour!

Free drinks and snacks?  Yes please!

Shirley Temples for the kids and a Fuzzy Navel for me. 

The kids all snuggled up that evening to watch cartoons before falling asleep.  Both Nora and Bella ended up on the adult side of the suite by the end of the evening, but everyone slept comfortably, which is amazing since there were 8 of us! 


After a delicious breakfast, it was pool time!

Mary took the kids exercising. 


Getting ready for the show!

We walked a couple of blocks to Rainforest Cafe for lunch.  The wait was about 25 minutes!  Plenty of time for the kids to find all sorts of things that they wanted to buy. 

Graydon loved this hat and frog, but the price tag was too high for me.  And if I got him something then I'd have to get Bella and Curtis something.  Too much! 

Curtis thought this snake was pretty cool. 

We took a taxi to the United Center to see the show.  The kids were literally on the edge of their seats!



The show was so good and super well done.  I didn't end up taking many pictures throughout because I was enjoying it myself!

By the time we arrived back to my parents' house that evening, the kids were tuckered out.  Bella fell asleep while reading. 

The plan was to drive back to Indiana on Sunday morning.  But just after we arrived from the show on Saturday night, the snow started to fall and didn't stop until the wee hours of Monday morning.  About 16 inches in all.  The kids have been waiting for a good snowfall all winter.  But I came unprepared.  Here was all of this snow, but I didn't bring boots or snow pants, or water-proof gloves.  Bella didn't care and went out anyway.  Brandy kept her company. 

We made real snow cones! 

Here was my parents' street on Monday morning while we drove away. 

When we arrived back in Indiana on Monday night, Graydon was very quiet and sad.  I thought he was just feeling disappointed that our fun weekend was over; but through his tears he asked, "Where is all of the snow?"  Our grounds were green and he didn't quite understand why after seeing banks of snow a few feet high just hours before. 

Then last night - two nights later - we got about an inch of snow.  Hardly anything.  But these kids didn't care.  As soon as they got home from school, they were out on the hill. 




Here are a few photos that I found on my phone from the month of January. 

Bella's train creation in the church nursery. 

We have all been putting together a lot of puzzles lately.  A good winter activity.  But none of us as much as Curtis.  He is on a roll! 

Graydon found a toy camera and pretended to take photos with it.  Then I gave him our real digital camera.  One of these days, I'll post some of the photos that he has taken. 

Bella is learning how to do laundry. 

Well, we've made it through January.  That much closer to spring! 

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mcbenetti said...

Graydon is so sweet, poor guy!
Had a fun weekend! !