Monday, November 16, 2015

Bella's Gets Braces!

I noticed that Bella's front teeth haven't been growing in straight.  At Bella's recent dentist appointment, I asked his opinion.  He x-rayed her teeth and discovered that her top eye-teeth (cuspids) are not straight down, but slanted towards her front teeth.  He explained that the adult tooth will put pressure on the baby tooth, causing the root to dissolve and the baby tooth to become loose and eventually fall out.  In Bella's case, with the direction that her adult eye-teeth are slanting, they are not putting any pressure on the roots of her baby teeth.  The thought was to bracket her front four teeth to create more space for the adult tooth to eventually grow in.  At that point (if I'm understanding everything correctly), if her teeth don't come out on their own, they may have to get pulled; but then the adult teeth will hopefully grow in straight once more room has been created for them.  Long story short, she needed braces on her top four teeth (same as me when I was 10).      


Getting them put on.

And here is our little girl with her braces on.  I think they make her look so much older!

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