Monday, November 30, 2015

Ten Years of Bella!










Bella has officially been around for one decade.  Ten years old!!!

This year, in particular, she is seeming less and less little girl. . . and more and more young lady.  She is mostly sweet with a teensy bit of salt.  Which keeps things interesting.  This year, she learned to do her own laundry and is starting to get a few cooking lessons.  Her basketball game has improved tremendously and she is getting much more confident on the court.   If you ask her what she wants to be when she's older, she'll answer, "a farmer".  And her favorite food is a baked potato.

In the recent months, she's become super interested in gymnastics and I can often find her in the backyard running to do a cartwheel, front handspring, and just this past week, she mastered the back bend and kick over.

She is doing awesome in school, but tends to push herself really hard - harder than Andy and I would like her to.  But she's driven and wants to do well at everything.  Which she often does.

She is growing up, that's for sure.  But she still likes to be tucked in at night.  We talk about the day, pray, do "our thing" (where we say to each other. . . 'love you, night night, sweet dreams, ok, amen!') and then I wind up her music box, turn on her dream light, and turn out the light.  I guess she still has some 'little girl' left in her.

Happy 10th birthday, Isabella!  We love you so much!

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Kreuser Family said...

These videos get me everytime 😢 (happy tears)