Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Father Daughter Dance

All dressed up and ready for their date night.




While Andy and Bella went to their dance, the boys and I had our own night out. Earlier in the day, I googled ideas of fun things to do with the boys. One of the things that came up was taking an "architectural tour" of Columbus. I laughed to myself as I pictured the boys' boredom over looking at buildings. But, later when Graydon asked what we'd be doing that evening, I blurted out, "an architectural tour of Columbus!" He was not happy. I kept up this charade as we headed out for the night. The first stop on our "architectural tour" was McDonald's so the boys could look at the golden arches. . . and get Happy Meals.

The toy inside was decks of cards, so we played a game of War after finishing up our meals.

The next stop on our "architectural tour" was Chuck E. Cheese. I don't like their pizza, which is why we ate somewhere else. I just bought them a ton of coins to play games.

We ended our evening and "architectural tour" by getting some ice cream from Dairy Queen.

Andy and Bella ended their night similarly at Culver's.

I love date nights.

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