Saturday, June 30, 2007

More fun family time

My mom bought Bella a little pool and the weather was perfect for a little swim. This was actually quite monumental to see Bella in the pool since she's had some water issues for a couple of months now. We started off slow and before long she was ready to get in and splash away! The next day, we went over to Andy's Aunt and Uncle's house to swim in their big, heated pool. That also went great! Later that evening, we went to the Concert on the Square in Madison. We all had a fun time!Bella charmed her way into a few spoonfuls of ice cream from Uncle Jerry. Then she made her way over to Grandpa and Grandma. She also made a new friend that night! On Saturday, we headed to the zoo. The animals were pretty active. Lately, Bella prefers to push her stroller rather than ride in it. Checking out the lion exhibit. We headed back to my parent's house yesterday and enjoyed a family picnic today. Bella spent the majority of her time playing on the slide - it's her new favorite toy. Great-Grandpa Jim helped her out a little bit. Time to relax!Sidewalk chalk!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if that was Wednesday the 27th that you were at Concerts on the Square, I was there then, too! How funny! Wish I would've seen y'all! (Emily Prell)

Roll Family said...

Jed has been having the same water issues. I found that he doesn't seem to mind the sprinkler, our inflatable toddler pool or the Onalaska Pool! So I tried sitting with him in the tub. He did much better - but still VERY tentative.