Saturday, June 09, 2007

Family Visit!!!

My mom and sister came out to visit us for a few days and we had a lot of fun! Things were a little crazy as we're in the middle of packing everything up, but we always enjoy any family time we can get! Bella got a couple of new outfits. I love this dress and the bandana on her head! She looked adorable in it! You can also see that she is holding my red toothbrush. She has two toothbrushes of her own but insists on using mine. This is one battle that I'm not going to fight. If she really wants my toothbrush - she can have it. I guess I have my choice of two little pink ones now. :P
Me and my serious girl.That's more like it! Bella had many silly moments during the week and she gave us lots of laughs!Snuggling with Auntie Jodi - so sweet!Grandma brought her a new chair. She loves to drag this thing around the apartment. Some kids have a blanket that they're attached to, Bella seems to have a chair. Another glimpse of her cute outfit!She already looks up to her Auntie!Jodi and Bella!Playing outside the library - Bella's favorite place!Resting with Grandma - Bella took an hour and a half nap on my mom one afternoon.GRADUATION DAY LINCOLN MEMORIALWE CAME AS TWO. . .
The next two days are moving days for us and then it's off to Wisconsin for a few weeks! We are looking forward to being home for a little while. Due to our travels, my blogging may not be as regular, though I will try my best.


Tim and Abby said...

I don't think I have your current phone number any more - mine is the same if you still have it. Give me a call soon and maybe we can hook up while we are in WI. We are in Appleton now, and will be in Oconomowoc for a few hrs. on Fri meeting up with Tim's Dad and maybe Bobby.

Nicole said...

What a great blog post!! As wonderful as family visits are there is always a little extra stress thrown in when you're moving at the same time! (I know that from experience!) Congratulations again on Andy's graduation. Your scrapbook LO of his graduation is absolutely wonderful. Have a great time in WI... it's GORGEOUS here! :)