Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun Family Times

Mary and Scott had the family over for dinner on Wednesday night. We had yummy BBQ chicken and enjoyed time together. It's times like these that I know I will miss when we're in New Jersey.

Bella helping Auntie Jodi eat her food.

Bella and Auntie Lori. Grandpa Mike just walked in the door during this picture and that's what Bella is looking at.Chatting with Auntie MaryLori and her boyfriend, Ryan.My two youngest sisters: Jodi and LoriOur little fam: it's really hard these days to get Bella to look at the camera when you want her to. Jodi bought Bella this new outfit with the cute headband. We love it!

Friday afternoon, we headed out to visit with Andy's family. Last night, we were eating some corn on the cob with dinner. I cut some of my corn off for Bella to eat, but I ran out and Bella wanted more. She gave Grandma this look that practically demanded her corn. Grandma gave hers to Bella and she ate it right off the cob. I had no idea that she could do this! Then Grandpa gave her the rest of his - one for each hand!


Elizabeth said...

Those new eye teeth sure help with the corn-on-the-cob!!!

Nicole said...

I love the bib saying in the pictures with the corn! That's perfect!