Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bella's First Haircut

Most kids get their first haircuts before four years old! The fact is though, Bella did not really have much hair until she was 19 months old. And by "much hair", I mean that I could finally put two tiny little pigtails in it. You can see that blog post here.

We've been meaning to cut her hair for a couple of months now, but Miss Bella really did not want to and I didn't want this to be a traumatic experience. We briefly mentioned the idea to her earlier today and she outright refused. Then, later in the evening just after I put Graydon to bed, Bella abrupty changed her mind. She was ready. NOW! We got down to business quickly. It's probably good that it happened like that as it didn't give me much time to get emotional about the whole thing. This was Bella just a few hours ago.
She gave herself the first snip. I think this was the part she was most excited about.I put the bottom of her hair in a ponytail and made the cut. I am, of course, keeping it. Andy went back over everything to even it out.Andy trying to get Bella to laugh at her hair on his head.Clean-up time. This may look mean, but Bella loves to use the dustbuster.Here's the after! Since it was just before bedtime, I did not do any styling to it. I think she looks very cute. Earlier in the evening:

Playing on the living room floor. We had a very relaxing Sunday afternoon with nowhere we had to go and nothing we had to do. I love afternoons like that.

I had a burst of creativity and managed to get a little scrapbooking done.
Look how huge the bear seems in the "9 days" photo compared to the "12 months" photo. He's grown up so much.
Graydon's sleep has been awesome this week! He's sleeping better than he has ever slept in his life! His previous pattern was to go down around 7:30/8:00pm and sleep until 5:00/5:30am when he'd awake to eat and then fall back to sleep until about 7:00/7:30am. He has finally dropped that last night feeding. Yay! Of course, my sleeping bliss only lasted for about one night as Bella developed an ear infection and started waking up around 3am to come into our bed. She can be kind of a bed hog. I'm really hoping she will stay asleep all night tonight.


Kreuser Family said...

Awww Bella looks beautiful!!! That's sooo funny because tonight I just cute Ava's bangs for the first time as well!! Aaron got a little emotional about that lol.
Look at Graydon walking! Such cute kidos!! Glad the family is doing well! Hope the pregnancy is going good! Love you!!

Mary said...

WOW that was almost a full minute that he was mobile!! Looks like bumper pads and gate are in order with this one. :))
Can't wait till August/Sept to see you guys again.