Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fourth of July

It's been quite an eventful week in the Benetti house. My brother, Jeff, and sister-in-law, Steph, were in town and it seemed like there was nonstop action.

Bella's ready to take off in Auntie Lori's car. Too bad that her feet are too short to reach the pedals. This past Monday (which was also my mom's birthday) my mom, Jeff, me, Andy, and Bella took a little trip up to Oshkosh to visit my sister Kristen at school. The drive really wore Andy and Bella out. Bella and her Auntie Kristen. So happy!Fourth of July: Isabella wears piggy tails for the first time. She finally has enough hair!She is such a big girl - goes up and down the slide all by herself!We went out as a family to the Olive Garden to celebrate my Grandma Rose's 90th birthday. A bunch of us piled into the Expedition, only to have it die on the way to the restaurant. Fortunately, we were practically there when it happened. Unfortunately, it still had to be pushed into the parking lot. My brothers and Jodi's boyfriend, Aaron, got behind the truck while Andy steered. It can't be a Benetti family outing without a little added 'adventure'!After the car was safely in a parking spot, we all went in for a yummy lunch. Bella was so happy to sit next to Auntie Mary.Jeff, Grandma Rose, and Lori as Grandma received her birthday cake from the restaurant staff. Bella was delighted to eat some chocolate cake. She couldn't shovel it in fast enough!Leaning in to give Auntie Mary a messy kiss!And. . . the adventure begins again. After getting the truck jumped, we thought we could make it home. That was not the case. It died again shortly after we left the restaurant. My dad followed us and jumped us again. After losing power at least four times and about an hour later, we dropped it off at my other set of grandparent's house and squeezed into two smaller cars to get the rest of the way home. Car problems aren't necessarily 'fun' but this will always be memorable! We're already laughing about it. My brother Scott diagnosed the problem and determined that the Expedition needed a new alternator. He fixed it a couple of days later and now the car's back on the road again!

And, after a hot day in the sun, Bella enjoys a popsicle with Uncle Scott!Bella's become pretty talkative lately. Last week, 'yes' was her favorite word. It was the answer to every question. Somewhere along the line, she learned the word 'no' and now it is her answer to everye question. We think we liked 'yes' a little better.

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Jodi said...

What a fun week! I'm glad you guys were here...that makes summer so much fun. Can't wait to come visit you guys though! Your new house is going to look so nice when its all done! Before all that though, cant wait to see you on Sunday!