Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Graydon!

Dear Graydon,

I saw your sweet face for the first time two years ago today.  When I close my eyes, I can still see you.  Brand new.  All wrapped up.  Here.  In my arms.  One of the greatest gifts I could ever receive.  Our early days were a little rough.  You cried.  A LOT!  But I couldn't help but love you so much.  You taught me such a great lesson in unconditional love. 

As the months went on, things got easier.  You smiled more.  Laughed more.  Learned more.  Soon you were scooting around and exploring things on your own.  That's when things really started to get fun for you.  Before we knew it, your first birthday was here.  You took your first steps and you've been on the go ever since.

Over this past year, you have really transformed from a baby to a little boy.  You became a big brother!  Your vocabulary is growing everyday.  You are playing (and fighting) with your sister.  You have the best laugh (and loudest scream) that I have ever heard!  When it's time for nap or bed, you won't let us put you down without reading some of your favorite books (The Foot Book, Off to the Park, The Lullabible).  You like to watch Baby Einstein and Praise Baby videos.  Some of your favorite foods are cheese, goldfish crackers, apples, and chocolate milk.  You love to play with cars, balls, blocks, and puzzles and (often at the same time, creating quite the mess).

Some of my favorite times with you are still snuggling just before putting you to bed.  You often fall asleep in my arms while I sing to you.  I don't know how long this will last, but I will savor it while it does.

You are two today!  Hip hip hooray!  You are growing into such a sweet little boy.  I pray that you catch even a glimpse of how loved you are by so many.

Happy Birthday Graydon!


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