Sunday, July 31, 2011

A nature scavenger hunt

I saw this idea a couple of months back and knew that I would do it.  And I pretty much copied everything that she did, with the exception of taking my own photos of nature items.  I would have just used hers, but our backyard didn't have all of the same things.

Bella was up to the challenge.  The only items she needed help finding were the feather and a specific leaf.  Which was actually just a weed.  I could have done a whole hunt on the varieties of weeds we have growing back there.

The boys did their own share of exploring

And after about a half hour, all of our items had been located!

Tomorrow morning, we head out for Wisconsin!  Which means that I have a lot of laundry/packing/cleaning ahead of me today.  :)

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mcbenetti said...

oh wow...your heading back? That's right your meeting up with Andy's family. Let me know if you can meet for lunch or something next weekend. Not sure if you will have time or not.