Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and beyond. . .

I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving Day.  But the memories are clear in my mind.  Our family of five sitting at the table in our dining room.  Our Thanksgiving feast before us.  Bella saying our prayer.  Graydon sharing what he's thankful for - the living room.  Curtis chugging down the sparkling grape juice.  Nothing to do that day but be with each other.  Beautiful, perfect day.

When Friday arrived, it was time to deck our halls!

I take this same photo every year, but I just love it I guess.

We did what we could for one night and then completed the tree decorating the next morning.

I take my eyes off of Graydon for a minute and find him hiding behind the tree, snackig on an old gingerbread ornament.

Curtis hung one of his ornaments. (And then kept taking it back off).

Here's our tree!

And I took this bonus photo of the boys because, on this particular day, Bella dressed both of them! She even did Curtis's diaper! I'm pretty sure that Graydon is wearing Curtis's pants, but nobody cared. She's such a great helper!

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