Sunday, May 27, 2012

Field Day

Bella's school had track and field day this past Thursday.  Parents were invited, so the boys and I went to watch. 

The scooters were Bella's favorite.  She's always happy when they get to ride them during gym class.

Friday was the kindergarten classes' "Letter People Party".  Throughout the entire school year, the kids learned their letters and phonics by meeting the different letter people.  Mr. M had a 'munching mouth,'  Mr. T had 'tall teeth',  Mr. R had 'rainbow ribbons', etc.  Bella went as Mr. W who had 'wonderful words'.  She brought a snack that started with "w":  wafer cookies.  Then all of the kindergarten classes paraded around the school for all of the teachers and older students.      

This is just a random moment when I found Bella and Graydon playing nicely together.  That always makes me happy.  

I didn't take as many photos this week, so I figured I'd add a little bit of our recent video footage. Happy Memorial Day!

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Maria said...

The kids are getting so big! I can't believe how big Curtis is. Lovely family! I especially like Bella's Champion shirt! I need that pic for my office! If we ever needs a girl model, I know who to ask!