Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day and beyond. . .

Me and my three little treasures who call me "Mommy". 

I've had these frames for at least a month, maybe two.  The photos I've had even longer.  And they are finally up!  My three babies - each about eight months old. 

Morning craft time with the boys while Bella is at school.   

The "G" and "C" are hanging on the wall in our play room.

And this paper chain is hanging in our kitchen, letting us know each day how long we have to wait until leaving for our Minnesota/Wisconsin trip.  Exactly 6 weeks from today!

I haven't taken my camera out of the house in a while and it was about time to remedy that.  So I brought it with us to the park on Saturday morning.  (Bella had a t-ball game later on, which is why she's wearing her uniform). 

We went straight from the park to a birthday party and then straight to Bella's game.  Saturday was a hot day so after the game ended, we brought out the grill to cook some hotdogs for dinner while the kids played in the sprinkler.

I loved this day.  Quality family time.  Quality friend time.  Beautiful weather.

And Sunday was more of the same.  These are good days.  :)

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mcbenetti said...

Wow Bella and Curtis are twins!!