Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bella's Birthday Celebration

Bella chose our dinner destination on the eve of her birthday. Bobby's Burger Palace! That restaurant has become a favorite for our family.

We walked around a nearby mall after dinner and stopped by the fountain to throw some coins and make wishes.  Here she is at 6:52pm - the official moment she became a seven-year-old!

We came home to some cupcakes and presents.

And then watched a movie - her choice - Barbie:  The Princess and the Pop Star.

The next morning, party preps were in full swing.  Here is our little artist all ready for her Art Party!  The hat and apron were completely her idea. 

We held it in our church basement.  Such a perfect location for a party.

The first activity was the graffiti wall.

This is what it looked like in the end.

Then it was painting time!  Each child had an 8x10 canvas and some paint supplies.  The instructions:  paint something!  It was so much fun to see what each child came up with.

Graydon and Curtis participated too!

All the kids hard at work!  This was the most calm this room was for the next two hours.

We set them under the ping pong table to dry.  Such creativity!

Next up:  Pictionary! 

Time to sing to the birthday girl!

And of course, a pinata.

And absolute chaos!

No time for presents during the party, so she opened one up when everyone left.

And then took the rest back to the house!

She was quite the happy girl that evening.

All in all, a successful party!  Bella had lots of fun and that was my main goal.

The next day, she had another birthday treat in store.  Some friends from church took her to a local kid spa to get a pedicure and a manicure. 

Such a loved birthday girl!


Kreuser Family said...

That's one beautiful 7 year old you've got there! Looks like the party was a blast!!! Lots of fun and creative ideas!!

mcbenetti said...

Whatva great party idea. She lucked out with the gifts!! Happy birthday Bella. Love you..geez 7 yrs old