Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We continued our Advent activities this week!

December 16th:  Participate in the Christmas program at church.
(photos from this were up last week).

December 17th:  Make Christmas cards

December 18th:  A holiday joke ~ 
'What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?'

December 19th:  At dinner, tell each family
member what you love about them.

The kids love when Daddy plays with them and chases them around the house.  I love that he opens jars that I can't, fixes our broken toilets, and reattaches refrigerator doors when they fall down!

The kids enjoy when I read and snuggle with them.  Andy loves that I'm a good mommy.

Graydon and Curtis love when Bella plays with them and helps them get into their pajamas.  Daddy loves that Bella is such a good listener and I love how kind she is.

I love Graydon's sense of humor, Daddy loves his playfulness.  Bella and Curtis love when Graydon plays nicely and shares.

Daddy loves Curtis's dance moves, Mommy loves his silliness, and Bella and Graydon love playing with Curtis.  

Bella has her Girl Scout Christmas party that evening.  Here she is with her gingerbread house.

December 20th:  Pray for the men and women serving in the military.

December 21:  Family game night!

I taught Bella and Graydon how to play 'Go Fish' that night.  Bella caught on right away.  Graydon kept confusing it with Memory.  He actually won his first round but got upset because he didn't have many 'matches'.  And he kept showing us his cards.  And he kept asking for more than one card at a time.  But I laughed so hard and had so much fun.  I love that the kids are getting old enough to play games with.  

December 22nd:  Make Thin Mints

Besides melting the chocolate in the beginning, my hands were completely off of this kitchen project.  Bella dipped the Ritz crackers into the melted Andes mint chocolates.  Graydon crushed the candy canes and sprinkled them on top.  

They looked pretty and tasted delicious!

December 23rd:  Make a Christmas craft
(We didn't actually do this one.  At the last minute, we changed our minds and went driving around town to see Christmas lights again.  We'd only done it once so far and we all wanted to go out again. )

December 24th:  Attend our church's Christmas Eve service

Christmas arrived a day early in our house.  We're heading out to Wisconsin on Christmas morning this year, so we decided to bump our celebration up a day.  The kids had no complaint with this arrangement.

Bella woke us up this morning with the news of presents under the Christmas tree.  She had even taken a picture of it already.  (Starting to follow in Mommy's footsteps).  She got us out of bed and then the boys, who were definitely still a bit groggy at this point.  

Once Curtis opened his first present, he was hooked.  We had to keep a close eye on him after he tried to sneak Bella and Graydon's gifts to open.  

The first gift that Bella got was a Dream Lite.  She has wanted one of these since summertime and was so happy to finally have one.

Size mattered much to Graydon this year.  He was happy to be opening such a large gift.  (Which he did with obvious enthusiasm and speed).

These new skates definitely topped Curtis's list.  He pretty much wore them all morning.

 Daddy got a new travel mug from the kids and a coffee grinder from me.

I got some new dishes for entertaining.  Very fun and functional.  

The kids also picked out gifts for each other.  Bella bought Graydon this football at her school's holiday shop.

Inside that package were some glow-in-the-dark bracelets from Curtis.

Stockings full of goodies for the road trip.

Andy made us a breakfast feast of scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, and toast.  Later that afternoon, we got all dressed up for church.

She's getting her Christmas wish for two front teeth!  Such an adorable stage - so happy to have gotten a beautiful photo of it.  

The many faces of Graydon.  Silly boy.

Curtis is getting better at smiling for me.  Sure wish that first one didn't turn out blurry.  But I love it anyway. 

We came home to pack, pack, pack!  The Christmas celebration has just begun!

December 25th:  Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

(We did this one a day early!  Off to Wisconsin in the morning)

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

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Suzanne Miller said...

Hi Kilps family!
Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great trip back home to visit! We are sad we didn't end up making it to Palmyra for Christmas Eve service! By the time we got out of Mass in Philly, the weather was getting too bad, and we were afraid of what it would be like after the service. Maybe we will see you another trip! Miss you! Blessings this Christmas Season! Suzanne & family