Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up to breakfast in bed.  This was a first for me on a Mother's Day.  Sunday mornings are our busiest of the week and any celebration usually begins after church is over.  I was pleasantly surprised to start my day with eggs, toast, orange juice, and coffee!  Way to go Andy and Bella!

The clouds from the morning lifted to make way for a beautiful Mother's Day.  We had some post-church/pre-lunch play time outside.

Curtis was not quite in the photo-taking mood that his big sis and bro were in.

The fashionable piece of jewelry that I'm wearing was made by Bella.  It's her thumbprint.  Love it!

We're a crazy bunch at times. 

Four smiles and three out of four people looking at the camera.  I'll call that success.  

We roller skated in the parking lot, took a family drive, and went out for dinner.  The kids fought over who could sit next to me.  Our schedules have been busy lately.  It was so perfect to have a day to just be together.  I'm so thankful for these kids and that I get to be a mom - their mom!  And I'm thankful for such a great husband who pretty much gave me the day off.  I need to see what I can do about making Mother's Day a monthly thing! 

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mcbenetti said...

Thats should and its well deserved!!