Monday, August 26, 2013


I woke up on my birthday morning to breakfast in bed prepared by Andy and Bella.  I was sung to and hugged and ushered into a wonderful start to my day.

This has become a birthday tradition: my free Starbucks drink. I never get a venti, but when it's free, why not?!

We picked up some peaches and iced tea from a farm stand, where the kids were also treated to some water ice, and then we went for a little drive. These were new roads, to us.  Country-ish roads with farms on them. And for a moment, I felt like I was in Wisconsin again. Such a treat.

Later in the evening, we gathered around my birthday brownie.

I am surrounded by a silly bunch. 

Funny story about the brownies.  Andy and the boys set out to make them, only we were out of cooking spray.  The box said to use shortening to grease the pan, which Andy found in our cupboard.  We also didn't have any vegetable oil, so Andy substituted canola oil.  All seemed well until it was time to eat the brownies.

They tasted like play-doh.

At first, Andy thought that the problem was the canola oil substitution.  But then he checked the shortening container.  Let's just say that the expiration on there was quite a while ago.

Mystery solved.

I still love the thought and time that they put into everything.  Made me feel special.  :)

Bella made me two bracelets using the new rainbow loom and rubber bands that she bought with her allowance money. 

Graydon has been in heaven with a stack of manila paper that Andy brought over from the church.  He put these items in a box and Andy wrapped it all up.  Love his imagination and creativity!

Curtis chose a few of his toys to wrap up in a box.  They included a whistle, small teddy bear, and plastic car.  So sweet and fun. 

I had my choice of whatever restaurant in town for my birthday dinner, though I was still rather full from lunch.  So we ended up at Panera Bread!  My birthday meal included an Asian salad and soup.  Just perfect!

Later that night after the kiddos were asleep, Andy and I watched "Oz: The Great and Powerful".  It's a rare event that we rent a "grown-up" movie, so that was a treat.

I love being the birthday girl and am always a little sad to see the day come to an end, but I am thankful for such a nice day with my wonderful husband and kids!!!


mary said...

youre the only person I know that still enjoys getting older! looks like you had a great day.

Kreuser Family said...

Lol!!! Graydons gifts are so sweet! All of them are, but his just are so Graydon and awesome. That coffee looks delicious! Glad your birthday was awesome!