Monday, May 12, 2014

Some lessons are learned the hard way. . .

Curtis cries from the top of the stairs, "Mommy!  I have a bead stuck in my nose!"  Tears fall down his cheeks - he is very distraught.

I knew exactly what to do since an identical scene presented itself to us the day prior with Graydon.

"Blow out," I say while demonstrating what I wanted him to do.

He just sniffs in.  "No, honey.  Blow out.  Blow out!"

"Sniff.  Sniff."

I can't even see this alleged pink bead.

"Are you sure there's a bead up there, I ask."  He nods his head up and down.

"Honey, why did you stick a bead up your nose?"

"Graydon told me to put a bead in my nose and then he would show me how to get it out."

Apparently, Graydon was eager to teach his newly learned bead retrieval skills to his little brother.  Unfortunately, Curtis hasn't quite mastered the concept of blowing his nose.  Off to Urgent Care we go.

The doctor sees the bead right away and uses the tools that she has available in that office.  But she just couldn't get it.  This now becomes a job for the Emergency Room.  I took him to a hospital that is a little further away, but it has a great Children's Emergency Room.  Our experience was great.  There were cartoons and video games to play in the waiting room.

The Cartoon Network was playing in the exam room, which is where Curtis is looking.

The doctor came in with a brand new tool that is supposed to make this kind of procedure a little easier.  This tool had a long stick that was inserted into his nose and then a tiny balloon inflated in attempt to push the bead forward and out.  After multiple attempts (while I'm holding Curtis's arms down because he's starting to get upset), we give up on that tool.  Out comes the nose sucker.  It's attached to a suction machine.  They stuck the sucker up his nose and cranked the suction up high.  Still couldn't get the bead down.  Another doctor was called in.  This time they brought out the long pliers and finally out came the bead!

Here is a bead-free Curtis who will never ever again stick something up his nose.


Debbie said...

I am sorry, this is not funny and very scary, but at the same time, I can not help my laugh when I think of this ordeal. All I can say is leave it to Curtis! Graydon was lucky he didn't need a trip to the ER!

mary said...

Expensive lesson!