Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bella's 10th Birthday

The month of December has been crazy busy in our household.  Whew!  Finally getting a chance to upload some pics from Bella's birthday.


My parents and brother were in town to celebrate with us.  See. . . Scott does smile!


On the evening before her birthday, my plan was to fill her room with balloons.  After she had been in bed for a while, I started throwing a few balloons in there and then I heard a voice. . . "Mom, what are you doing?"  I was caught!  I abandoned that idea for the rest of the night and planned to fill her room in the morning before she woke up.

Morning came and as I was grabbing balloons from the living room to bring into her room, she met me in the hall along the way.  I told her to go back to bed!  She got back under her covers and Andy and I filled her room with balloons.  Then we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her.  Only she wasn't moving.  Turns out we were singing to her pillows and blankets as she put herself back to bed in our room!  She told us that she could tell we were trying to surprise her, so she figured it would be better if she went into a different room.  Boy oh boy, as these kids get older, pulling stuff off gets harder and harder!  We made her get back into her bed, covered her in balloons, and sang 'Happy Birthday".  Now we're officially ready to start the day.  

Andy brought Subway sandwiches to school and that afternoon and he, Bella, and I ate lunch together in my classroom.  Later that evening, we went Christmas Tree hunting!



It's just a big photo backdrop, but it looks pretty real!  And this may be the only snow we see this Christmas - especially with days like today when the temperature is in the 60s!





We didn't give ourselves much daylight to work with, so we ended up choosing a tree that was in the lit barn.  It's much smaller than we usually get, but also half the cost!

Bella chose our dinner spot for the night: Buffalo Wild Wings.  And here she is at 6:52pm - officially ten-years-old!  (Double high-fives.)

Then we went home for round two of birthday cake.

Fun birthday!  And a late night in our house!

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